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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

BTS Tours: Sarah Bella

Title: Delilah’s Passion
Author:  Sarah Bella
Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Length:   193 pages
Sub-Genres:  contemporary, erotic
Delilah Steele was living the high life.  She had a high-powered job, a man she loved and nothing was holding her back.  When her world, and her trust, was irrevocably shattered by the man she loved, Delilah had no choice but to return to the town she grew up in – and couldn’t wait to leave.  There, she goes to work for Aiden Dean, a handsome heartbreaker who seems to have his eye on Delilah. When Delilah’s long-absent father arrives on the scene, she has to figure out how to cope with his presence and desire to be a part of her life.  Now Delilah has to learn how to live – and love – all over again.  Will her hard knocks past continue to haunt her, or will Aiden break through her tough exterior and show her that forever can be a good thing?


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3 Stars

I don’t tend to read contemporary romances very often, but after reading the blurb to Delilah’s Passion . . . Well, I decided to try this book. It is well written, light in nature and has a sprinkling of humour throughout, and although I did enjoy the book the relationship between Delilah and Adrian felt a little rushed, but I suppose you would call it a “whirlwind romance.”

Adrian doesn’t beat around the bush. He knows he wants Delilah so he makes sure she knows it.

Delilah has been broken and has come back home to find herself once more, and although these reasons are brought up they felt rather drowned out next to her ongoing battle of her attraction to Adrian and her not wanting to be attracted to Adrian because she can’t deal with another man in her life. I would have liked a little more of Delilah focusing on Delilah and how she was going to pick herself up and get her life back on track, but  I can understand and relate to how hard it is to get back on your feet, and how you can heal yourself by meeting new people and having new relationships. And I can certainly understand how one part of your life tends to take centre stage when other areas are a mess.

Also, I found myself starving reading all the delicious meals being mentioned. Adrian sure knows his way around a kitchen, and Delilah makes the best baked goods.

All in all, Delilah passion is a great book for girls. We can all relate to that moment in life – or rather moments – when someone breaks us and we feel insecure. We all hope for someone better etc. It’s definitely a sweet, light read with a satisfying ending, and the type of book that you need to snuggle up with on your sofa.

~ * ~

Two Cups of Naked Time

Writing romance, for me, is about writing what women want. It’s about the ideal, the happily-ever-after, the perfect ending. So the recipe looks a little something like this:

1 sexy, slightly damaged hero
1 almost, but not quite, perfect heroine
½ tsp of UST
1 GIANT, no-way-around-it-so-we’ll-have-to-go-through conflict
2 cups naked time*
Pinch of angst
And a whole lot of Happily-Ever-After

Gently fold slightly damaged hero into not-quite-perfect heroine. Sprinkle on UST and angst; knead thoroughly. Add GIANT, no-way-around-it-so-we’ll-have-to-go-through conflict. Mix that all up together in approximately 55,000 words, add your Happily-Ever-After and you’ve got yourself a romance novel.
*If you prefer, add a third cup of naked time for an erotic romance instead of a contemporary romance.

I get that this recipe isn’t for everyone. That’s the beauty of fiction – there’s something for everyone and it doesn’t all use the same recipe. The difference between baking and noveling – aside from the cleanup – is that in baking, you can’t just substitute rice for the flour in your chocolate chip cookies. In fiction, you can alter the recipe and the results still come out good (usually).

Now, if you need a recipe for real life romance, you need a few other things.
1 babysitter – preferably a grandparent who can keep the kids overnight
1 ‘sexy times’ play list - mine is title ‘Doin’ the Hibbidy-Dibbidy’
Half a dozen candles – vanilla is an aphrodisiac
Finally, something new to wear - the kind of something you get at Victoria’s Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood.

If you need instructions after this point, I’m afraid you need more help than I can offer here ;)

~ * ~

Sarah is a small town Minnesota girl who calls pop by its proper name – pop.  She is a multi-published author of romance and erotica who writes both novels and short stories in the romance, mystery/suspense, paranormal and erotica genres.
She loves traveling anywhere south of the equator and finds that a nice dark microbrew can help get the creative juices flowing.  When she’s not writing or traveling, you can find Sarah with her nose buried in a book.  Sarah lives in the small town she grew up in with her husband, three children, her cat and her dog.

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