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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

WMS: Release Blitz: A Different Kind of Cosplay by Lucy Felthouse

A Different Kind of Cosplay 
by Lucy Felthouse 
Now Available in Audiobook Format! 

#audiobook #audible #romance #marvel #cosplay

Lucy Felthouse’s geeky, cosplay-packed erotic romance novella, A Different Kind of Cosplay, is now available in audiobook format. Narrated by voice artist Xanthia Bloom, you can now listen to this fun tale for Marvel and Avengers fans on the go!

Mean Girls Blurb:

Zachary has a dilemma. His girlfriend, Reese, has a special birthday coming up soon and he has absolutely no clue what to get for her. It doesn’t help that Zach does not share or really understand Reese’s biggest hobby—comic books, superheroes and everything that goes with them. Zach raids Reese’s DVD collection for inspiration, and what he finds there gives him an idea…possibly the best one he’s ever had.

Sure, Reese has fantasized about her favorite superheroes. All those muscles and rakish smiles are to die for. She didn’t think Zach would ever really understand, though. But he proves her wrong in the best way possible.

Audio links:


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of Cliterati.co.uk’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller), The Persecution of the Wolves and Hiding in Plain Sight. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 160 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk, or on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. Subscribe to her newsletter and get a free eBook: http://www.subscribepage.com/lfnewsletter

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Monday, 14 August 2017

WMS: Pre-order Blitz: Sinful Pleasures: An Anthology of Erotic Tales by Sinful Press

Pre-order now! Sinful Pleasures: 
An Anthology of Erotic Tales 
by Sinful Press (@sinfulpress)

Release date 20th August 2017.

Sinful Press welcomes you to lose yourself in Sinful Pleasures. 

Join us as we weave our way from mainstream erotic romance to surreal sex-filled dreamscapes and everything in between, created by some of the best new and established voices in the erotica genre. 

Janine Ashbless, Ella Scandal, Sonni de Soto, Jo Henny Wolf, Lily Harlem, Lady Divine, Gail Williams, Samantha MacLeod, Tony Fyler, Ellie Barker, Lisa McCarthy

 Pre-order links:
 Barnes and Noble: http://smarturl.it/SPBandN

Note: Sinful Pleasures will be available through all main online bookstores in print and digital on the 20th of August. 

Excerpt from On The Line by Sonni de Soto:

If he wanted to call her, he could call her.
He didn’t have to wait for her.
Decisively, he reached for his phone and began to dial.
She answered on the first ring. “Twenty minutes past nine.” Danielle tsked. “I always wondered how long it would take for you to call me.” Even over the phone, he could practically hear her shrug. “Twenty minutes sounds about right.”
“So this was a test?” He raised an eyebrow, not sure he liked the idea of that.
“Not a test, per se.” Her throaty voice was a soothing purr that, despite his efforts, did calm his irritation. Which was kind of irritating in and of itself. “More of an experiment. To shake things up a bit.”
“Shake things up how?” He harrumphed back against his headboard.
“We’re in a rut, Christopher.” She sighed with an audible shake of her head. “We’ve got to Columbus our way out of this.”
A rut? They were in a rut? Chris frowned and adjusted his glasses. He supposed that, sure, they’d both been a little tired lately. A little overworked and stressed. But a rut? “How are we supposed to do that?”
“Close your eyes,” she urged into the phone.
He huffed a bit, pouting, but did as she asked. It was, after all, a simple request. “Okay.”
“Imagine us,” her voice whispered in his ear. “Imagine us in your room. On your bed.”
Chris let out a sigh and tried. His mind focused, picturing her painted and so-mobile mouth forming her words. He thought about her tongue, slick and sly, as it slid across those lips, leaving a sheen in its wake. Chris let his mind remember the taste of her kiss, an utterly illogical mix of heated want and cool mint.
He imagined the familiar flush that always swept over her cheeks right before he took her mouth, that visible sign of her excitement that never failed to fuel his own. He knew that a blush like that could travel down her neck, her shoulder, her spine in a tickled shiver with the simplest touch.
And then there, in his room, on his bed, in his mind, like magic, she was laid seductive and stretched-out before him. He imagined the dark fall of curls that clouded around her face and shoulders, framing bared, bronzed skin perfectly.
His hands itched to grab the curves of her body. The swell of her sweeping hips. The pointed tips of her delectable breasts. The length of her long legs. The soft spread of sun-ripened skin, that always held the sweet scent of citrus, over the generous lushness of her body.
He could hear his own breath rasp as his mind transported her from her dorm room to the foot of his bed.
“Good,” he heard her coo in his ear. “Now that you have me there, whatever will you do with me?” Her mockingly naïve tone left him feeling provoked and promised.


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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

RBTL Tours: Olivia's Promise by Diane Merrill Wigginton

Title: Olivia’s Promise  
Author: Diane Merrill Wigginton
Series: Jeweled Dagger Series (Book 3) (The Benjamin Franklin Award Winning Series)
Genre: Historical Romance/Suspense
Publisher: Jeweled Dagger Publishing
Release Date: Aug 4 2017
Edition/Format: 1st Edition/Formats ~ eBook & Print


 The year is 1804. Lady Olivia Sophia Allen Townsend has just turned 20 years old, beautiful and considered by some in polite society far too eccentric for her own good. When Olivia was younger, she was very open about her gift of being able to see spirits, but the shunning by her peers has caused her to turn her back on those who need her the most - spirits caught between two worlds. That is until her best friend Lilly Collins comes to her in the middle of the night and asks for her help. Lilly can’t remember what happened to her so finds herself in need of Olivia’s unique gifts.
Olivia’s younger sister, Coco, is also gifted with a unique set of skills - she can touch someone and know things about them that they would sometimes prefer to keep hidden. Together, the sisters set off on a sea voyage, from Ireland to America, intent on solving the mystery of Lilly’s untimely death.
Brody and Quinton Beaumont, fine-looking, eligible, southern American gentlemen, and heirs to a successful cotton empire, are twins hiding a deep dark secret. Their mother, Annabelle Beaumont, died eight years earlier on the night of their annual birthday winter ball, yet she continues to rule over their plantation home with an iron fist.
Olivia, drawn to no man, feels suddenly akin to Brody Beaumont, but she must figure out if she can trust him, and if he or his brother had anything to do with Lilly’s death.

Book Links
Barnes and Noble


Excerpt 5 PG 13 Paranormal Spirit

Margo walked to the doorway carrying a tray of tea. “I was told that you were up, so I brought — what is it, ladies?” she questioned, bewildered by our blank stares.
“Shut the door!” I ordered.
Taking three steps back, Margot gently kicked the door shut with her foot. Then setting the tray down, she came over to where we stood. “What is it? What’s wrong?”
“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed it,” I began. “What we say in this room, does not leave this room. Swear it. You too, Margot. Swear!” Both nodded their head. “Young Sam was preparing the fire and discussing strange occurrences in the house hold when something exploded down the chimney catching Sam’s pants on fire. He was nearly burned alive in front of me. Annabelle Beaumont did this.”
“Who is Annabelle Beaumont, and why haven’t I met her?” Coco asked before Margot could get the question out. I began to shake uncontrollably as tears formed in the back of my eyes.
“And yesterday when that stallion nearly trampled me, Annabelle was on the back of that stallion. I think she meant to kill me,” I said, swallowing the lump in my throat.
Touching my arm, Coco gasped as vision of both events flashed through her mind. She released my arm suddenly. “Olivia, we cannot stay here,” she cried.
Taking her shoulders in my hands, I said with a deadly calm, “Coco, you have to leave.”
“I will be only too happy to leave this place. I felt something was off when I walked through the door,” she stated through clenched teeth. “Why didn’t you say something?” she narrowed her eyes at me. “You saw her that night.”
“Saw who?” Margot asked suspiciously. “What are you both talking about?”
            “The woman whose portrait hangs over the fireplace downstairs,” I said, exasperated because Margo didn’t understand what I was trying to say. “Mrs. Annabelle Beaumont died eight years ago after the annual celebration. That is all I know so far. Please try to keep up, Margot.”
“We have to leave, today,” Coco stated emphatically.
“You have to leave. I’m staying.”
“You can’t be serious. I am not leaving here without you,” Coco insisted, stomping her foot for emphasis. 
“I’m mean it, Coco, you have to go before something bad happens to you. Tell her, Margot!”
“And I said I’m not leaving without you. If you stay, I stay,” she argued, petulantly lifting her chin.
“You are the most stubborn —” I began, then sniffed the air. A foul odor permeated my room, and I quickly turned to find Annabelle standing a mere three feet away. My sudden silence alerted both women that something was terribly wrong.
“Is it her, Olivia?” Coco asked, her voice shaking. I braced myself in front of them like a human shield, as if by shear will alone I could protect them from the evil that was Annabelle Beaumont.
Slowly nodding my head, Coco took ahold of my hand. Somehow I was comforted by her presence and the fact that I wasn’t alone.
“What is it that you want, Annabelle?” I asserted, with a voice that was neither confident nor potent. The noise of my heartbeat pounded between my ears, like waves hitting the shore. “Why do you stay earthbound, tormenting people?”
Annabelle simply smiled, narrowing her eyes as she advanced on me causing me to step back pushing Coco and Margot as I went. The sound of Annabelle as she threw her head back and laughed was more demonic than joyful, before she leveled her eyes at me. Hovering inches from my face, she smirked and vaporized into thin air, without answering the question.
I felt Coco’s hand trembling before turning loose and she dropped into a nearby chair, as I dropped to my knees on the floor. I was left feeling weak and breathless, as if someone had punched me in the gut. My breaths came out in harsh gasps for air as I omitted a guttural noise that was somewhere between a growl and a scream of frustration.
“Not a word of this incident is to ever pass from your lips, Catherine Elizabeth. Not one word,” I said more harshly than I intended. “And that goes double for you, Margot.”
“But Olivia…”
“I mean it. Not one word. Swear it!” I growled threateningly as I cut her off. “Swear this instant, Catherine Elizabeth!” I repeated when she didn’t instantly recite the oath. Letting out the breath she’d been holding, Coco conceded.
“Yes, yes, I swear. Not one word of what has transpired here, in this room this morning will ever pass from my lips, to another living soul, as long as I have breath in my body. I swear until the day I die.” Coco chafed, rolling her eyes as she repeated our childhood oath.
“Margot!” I bellowed, staring her down.
“You know my loyalty lies with you, Olivia,” Margot prefaced, “but your parents should know about this.”
“Margot, I’m afraid you are going to have to declare an oath of silence, on penalty of death.”
Margot looked at me and Coco, who pursed her lips and nodded her head, affirming the seriousness of the situation. “Fine!” she finally proclaimed, exasperated by our antics. “But you are both crazy,” Margot announced, leaving the room. “Hope you don’t mind pouring your own bloody tea. It’s probably cold to boot.”

Author Information

 Born in Riverside, California in 1963, my family and I moved to San Diego when I was nearly 8. I had a very rich life growing up, with my brother, David and best friend Gigi, for company. I was married to my current husband, David in 1998 and we moved to Herald, California in 2001. We have a blended family of 6 kids and enjoy the rural life on our 5 1/2 acre ranch, 45 minutes south of Sacramento. I love writing and creating stories that are different and intriguing. I like to give my readers a little something unexpected. I have always wanted to be a published author, but the timing never seemed right. Raising a family and working full time always took precedence. Shortly after I turned 50 I decided that it would never be the right time, and determined that I needed to live my truth and follow my dreams. So I began writing on a whim, and loved everything about it. My first book is out, and the second one is at the publishers, scheduled to be released, April 4, 2017. I am currently working on book 3 of my series, slated to release the first week in August, 2017. I am very excited about the future, and thrilled to be writing. I count my blessings every day because I know how truly lucky I am. Life is good.

Author Links
Facebook Page/Book Page Angelina’s Secret 
Twitter  @Dianesunny
Website/Publisher Jeweled Dagger Publishing  

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Diane is giving away three fab prizes. So if you're interested in winning your choice of any of the books from the Jeweled Dagger series, make sure to hit the link and leave an entry on the rafflceopter below. Good luck!

Monday, 7 August 2017

WMS: Release Blitz: Hiding in Plain Sight by Lucy Felthouse

A Sexy Spy Thriller, 
Hiding in Plain Sight
by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) 

#sexy #spy #thriller #romance #suspense

Mallory Scott is an espionage operative, working for the British government. She’s travelled all over the world, often going undercover and infiltrating criminal organisations in order to extract the intelligence needed to dismantle their operations and bring the perpetrators to justice. Given her usual targets are terrorists, people-traffickers, drug-traffickers and arms dealers, her latest assignment should be relatively simple. A small group of Brits is raking in serious money in the diamond-scamming business—and although their MO is theft and forgery, rather than hurting people, they still need to be stopped. But up until now, they’ve proved elusive—no one can catch them in the act, or find a shred of evidence against them.
That’s where Mallory comes in. She follows the group to Amsterdam, planning to get her claws in to one of the gang. Luck is on her side, and within twenty-four hours she’s lunching with Baxter Collinson, the youngest—and most handsome—diamond thief. What she’s not expecting, however, is to get on with him quite so well. Attraction bubbles between them—and for once, on Mallory’s part, it isn’t an act. For the first time in her career, Mallory struggles with what she must do.
Can she ignore her heart for the sake of her career?

Available from:
Amazon (universal link): http://mybook.to/hidinginplainsight
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/2u1kOf7
Smashwords:  http://bit.ly/2u1epSU
Createspace: http://bit.ly/2u1hSB1


Mallory Scott spotted the people she was looking for as soon as she walked into the hotel bar. Hell, she hadn’t even needed to search; they were being so loud and obnoxious they were practically screaming for attention.
Stupid, in Mallory’s opinion. If you were running an international diamond scam, surely you’d want to keep a low profile? But no, apparently these guys didn’t give a shit. Not only were they screaming for attention—and getting it, she noticed, as other patrons of the bar shot them the occasional glare—they were also projecting the fact that they were filthy rich. They were supping on the most expensive champagne money could buy and demanding oysters and caviar be brought in. The overwhelming arrogance made her blood boil, but she consoled herself with the fact that by the time she was done with them, they’d be taken down by more than a peg or two—they’d be at rock bottom.
Heading for a table in a position where she could watch them, but remain partially hidden behind a pillar, she shook her head. She could hardly believe they’d kept their multi-million-pound enterprise going for so long. If they ran their operation as sloppily as their current behaviour indicated they might, it was a miracle indeed.
Not that it mattered. They could be running the tightest ship ever known to man, and she would still find a way to take them down. It was what she did. For years now, she’d been successfully infiltrating illegal operations of varying kinds, then gradually dismantling them from the inside. Before the criminals realised what was happening, it was too late—their wrists were practically in the handcuffs, their arses on their way to jail.
This project was different from the ones she usually handled. Her past takedowns included terrorist plots, kidnappings, drugs, people-trafficking… that kind of thing. She’d been involved because sending in police or military personnel wouldn’t work. Not in those particular circumstances. To be truly effective, Mallory needed to infiltrate the organisations at the top, gain their trust—or at least enough trust to allow her to snoop—and acquire evidence of their involvement to ensure their convictions. Otherwise, rushing in and stopping the terrorists, saving people and so on, important as that was, would only affect a tiny part of the organisation. It was vital to dismantle the whole thing, from the big bosses and the money men, right down to the minions doing the leg work.
An added bonus to this approach was that the victims of these organisations, as well as being saved, would know that justice had been served to those that hurt them, and the knowledge that they’d never get the opportunity to do it again. It was dangerous but fulfilling work, and Mallory couldn’t imagine doing anything else. She loved the adrenaline rush, the challenge.
And the challenge element was precisely why this job was different. In as much as it wasn’t supposed to be particularly challenging. Intel gathered over the past year had pinpointed the what, the who—though they couldn’t yet put faces to names—the where and the how, and that had been done covertly, without the need for an undercover operative. All that remained in this case was to find out the when, so they could be caught in the act. It should have been simple, really. But the group was careful, exceedingly so. One of their number was a hacker, meaning that trying to access their emails, internet search histories and voicemails, or tap their phones without being detected was almost impossible. They were smart.
Which meant the only option remaining was the old-fashioned approach.
A honey trap. It was Mallory’s mission to attract the attention of one of the men in the group—hell, even one of the women if any of them swung that way—and slowly, slowly cultivate and exploit their relationship in order to get the information she needed. Then boom, another international criminal enterprise would bite the dust.
Which brought Mallory to her current position, dressed up in ludicrously expensive designer gear and half-hiding behind a pillar in the bar of Amsterdam’s most exclusive hotel. Someone less experienced than Mallory might have found the idea of staying out of sight ridiculous. The aim was to get the attention of one of the gang members, after all. But Mallory was at the top of her game, the very best of the best, and she knew damn well that putting in a little groundwork early on would pay off in spades. Before she did anything, before she so much as batted an eyelash in the direction of the gang, she needed to identify her target. It was pointless trying to eye-fuck with a bloke from across the room, only to discover he preferred men, or was happily married and the faithful type. That would attract the wrong kind of attention. When she did get noticed by the group, she wanted it to be for the right reasons, and on her terms. If they caught even so much as a whiff of her deception, it would be game over.
So she would watch, and wait. Then as soon as she decided which one of the group was going to be her new boyfriend, she’d move in for the kill. Figuratively speaking, of course. Killing wasn’t her job. She was capable of it, and over the course of her career had ended more than one life in self-defence, or in order to protect others, but she was no cold-blooded murderer.
She was something much more dangerous; something that no one ever saw coming.

Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of Cliterati.co.uk’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller), The Persecution of the Wolves and Hiding in Plain Sight. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 160 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk, or on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. Subscribe to her newsletter and get a free eBook: http://www.subscribepage.com/lfnewsletter

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