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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Settled & I finally have the internet :D

I will start from today backwards lol

I have the internet once more. I cant tell you how crazy I have been for the last two weeks. Its like I have had a limb chopped off.

We were told we would have our phone/internet hooked up today so this morning I get up, set everything up, plug phone lead into socket and ring our new house number off my mobile, no dial tone. So it hasnt been hooked up yet, which is fine. My aunt comes round so we chat for a bit, by 12:30 she is getting ready to go so I plug the phone lead into socket, pick up reciever.... silence. Nothing. Now I thought that was odd so I look down at the socket and the wire (phone wire that leads to phone post thing outside) is out of the socket :S odd. Now I dont have much luck with electrical stuff so I decided not to mess with it. We phone up our estate agent (this is a rented property and our contract states we must phone them with this kind of stuff) she calls their electrician... electricians dont play with phone sockets. (Sigh) So we phone the phone company and get told it would cost £127 just for someone to come out and put the wire back in the socket :

Now it was about 2pm by this point and I was irritated so naturally I though screw this, its not rocket science, I just have to connect the right wires to the right whatever is in there, hopefully I wont give myself an electric shock and hopefully I wont make things worse. So I unscrew the screws take the front part off the wall and stare at the inside, 4 little metal things looked back at me (I have no idea what they are called but it basically looks like the little sockets you get on the back of a sound system - you know the weird holes you put the wires of your speakers in) Hey presto, we have a working phoneline. I ring house, phone rings and wooo we are all hooked up, hence me being on here lol

The last two weeks have been a blur of sorting bills and paper work out, transfering doctors and dentists. Country air making me tired and sun burning me to a crisp.

We moved on June 7th and by June 9th I had unpacked and set the house up. It is lovely and we are comfy, especially that cats. (Phantom is currently snoring beside me)

The only sucky part of the last two weeks is I havent had the energy to write, which I have hated. I miss one day of writing something and I feel lazy so naturally missing 14 days makes me just a crappy writer. But now I have the internet back so I can get the feedback off my beta readers and go back to obsessively checking my emails (still waiting to hear about queries) and go crazy because I have two lots of edits to do and a new project bubbling in my cauldron.

Hope you are all well and having nice weather. It is mad sunny here, which is nice. I love the sun, just really hate getting burnt (which i have) because I end up looking like a tomato lol

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