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Sunday, 8 August 2010

22 Random Facts

It's my Birthday. I'm 22 woooo lol So I thought I'd talk nonsense today.

So 22 random facts on me...

1. I could breathe Iron Bru. Nicest drink ever.
2. I've had an obsession with mythology since the age of seven.
3. I could eat cheese burgers till they come out of my ears.
4. At the age of four I watched the film dirty dancing and decided I wanted to be an actress.
5. I'm terrified of spiders and geese.
6. I was a vegetarian for three years, the day I decided I couldn't do it anymore I went to McDonalds.
7. I've loved vampire stories since I was eight.
8. I want to visit Egypt and Venice.
9. I had to play a singing frog in a french opera when I was at college. I was green and everything.
10. My poision is Malibu and Coke. (Malibu tastes nice with milk also.)
11. I've loved Michael Jackson since I was five.
12. My fave films are Dracula and The Mummy.
13. I wasn't a big reader when I was younger.
14. I believe in fate.
15. I've got two fat black cats.
16. I studied musical theatre at college.
17. My fave musical is The Phantom of the Opera.
18. Tim Burton is my fave director.
19. The book that start my reading addiction was - Mooncalled by Patricia Briggs.
20. I'm an agnostic.
21. If I don't do any writing for one day I tell myself off.
22. I love masquarade masks so much I have a small collection of them.

And for a treat I will put a She-Wolf snip up for you this evening. I'm hoping to have it finished before next sunday but we shall see. I've been visiting people this week and will be doing so next week, plus I have a funeral to go to :( So I'm trying to get as much written in the evening as possible.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you have a great day and have lots of fun :)

    PS: The Mummy Rocks! Love Brendan Frasier

  2. Happy birthday :) Enjoy your many new books and your visits!

  3. Hope you had a great birthday!
    Malibu and milk?! Erm I won't be giving that one a try....!

  4. Mmmm Brendan Frasier ;P

    Well Libby if you ever find yourself with malibu but without anything to mix it with... but you have milk in... its not that bad lol

    Thank you all for your bday wishes xx