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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Three days to go...

Haven't blogged in a few days (tut, tut) So I thought I would share my birthday buyings with you.

There are three days left till my birthday... I bought myself a new mobile because my other one broke randomly. I did have it for two and a half years though which isn't so bad. My new mobile is just an upgrade of my old mob. None of this touch screen and app's stuff. As long as I can call and txt people and listen to music thats all I need a mobile for. The day I buy a more high-tech phone will be the day they have figured out how to make them into transformers... that would be handy on a number of levels :P

I've already spent the £30 my aunt gave me on books (naturally) ;P

Asmodeus - Dawn McClure

I'm a Dawn McClure fan. I have all of her stories (ebooks). Due to the high wordcount Asmodeus made it to print which I love because it is my fave story so far. So I had to buy it.

Sanctuary (Red Rock Pass) - Moira Rogers

The Red Rock Pass books had been on my ebook wishlist for ages and I finally purchased Cry Sanctuary last week. I read it in two hours, loved it. Decided to buy the rest in print because they had to be a member of my bookshelf. I will be reading more Moira Rogers stories because I think the writing team is awesome.

Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris

Have the first eight books. Need this one.

I'm on book 5 at the moment. Due to a mass amount of writing taking place I'm not finding any time to get around to reading it. Have to hurry and changed that because... I have new books to read and I still need to read book 6,7 & 8 and soon 9.... oy.

The Book of Enoch

Research. I wrote a fallen angel novella last October. Since Ive had no success with it (Fallen Angel stories have become very popular with in the last year or so.) Ive decided to shake it up a little. So one must research and the internet is not always as helpful as I want it to be.

Burning Up Anthology

Mainly because I am dying to read Meljean Brook's Iron Sea Novella.

Mercy Thompson: Mooncalled - The Graphic Novel

I'm a HUGE Mercy fan. Mooncalled was the book that started my paranormal itch, so I cant wait to see how the story looks. I bought the graphic novel Homecoming and loved that so I'm sure this next one will be awesome.

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