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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hero Love: Dastan 'Prince of Persia'

Hectic week, trying to get my brain back in writing mode... well, semi-writing mode as I am currently only editing and planning.

I am still waiting for my editors notes on... well, i'm not sure yet which novella they want to work on first but if you go over to the page entitled slush pile then you will find a small blurb for both of the novellas that have been accepted.

At the present moment I don't have a numerous amount of exciting things to blog about (what can I say my life is rather dull outside of the stories I create) so I was thinking I am going to have to do something special every day until I have many splendid things to rant about. Sound good?

I bought the Prince of Persia today, I wanted to see it when it was out at the cinema but never got to. I have to say I thought it was brilliant and I managed to not only droll a lot a little over the beautiful mister gyllenhaal. So as I was swooning watching the lovely Jake, who plays Dastan, I thought 'hmmmm I really like this hero, maybe it would be fun to start disscussing the heros I love and the women I admire.' And when I say I... I naturally mean we. So how about we discuss heroines on wednesday and heros on thursday?

So as today is thursday, and Mister Gyllenhaal has inspired this little idea... we shall discuss Dastan.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan in 'The Prince of Persia'

Now apart from the fact he is completely delicious (tell me you don't think he's delicious - look at those eyes) he is a total kick ass. The dude jumps all over the place, swinging, climbing, he is a brilliant fighter, graceful, skilled. The man is completely bad ass. He's uber masculine, but he's sweet, caring, loyal and he's a guys, guy. Plus he has a fun sense of humor. The man also loves to fight with his shirt off.... (what? I couldn't help but notice.) And God forgive me but I have a soft spot for a rugged man... did I mention he is delicious??

I loved the visuals in the film, all the little moments they used linking it up to the video game. (You know the familiar shots we see and invision when we think of the 'Prince of Persia'.) There was some wicked effects and colourful characters. I so advise anyone who loves fantasy (I class it as fantasy I don't know what others would class it as) to watch this film if they haven't already seen it.

So, what would your ultimate hero be like? Or... who's your fave hero?


  1. Ooh... Prince of Persia. Loved it when I saw it in the movies!! You should check out some of the making of on youtube, they brought French Parkour god David Belle on set. Absolutely amazing that guy!!!
    Dastan as a hero is absolutely delicious. I'm not sure if the target audience of this film was really the guys who played the game or the girls...

  2. Hehe, I think all the cool action bits that looked like key clips from the game... and the pretty prince were for the dudes. Delicious Dastan was alllll for the ladies lol

  3. I haven't seen the movie yet but hearing you guys talk about it, its going on my "to watch" list.
    Two of my favorites was James Franco in Tristan and Isodle (great story) and Clive Owen in King Arthur. LOVE Clive Owen! And I thought the chemistry between him and Kiera Knightly was great!

  4. Yeah, I like Tristan from 'Tristan and Isodle'. Tis a really good film... sad but good. Arthur was an okay film and I do like Clive Owen but I don't know, something wasn't working for me there.