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Friday, 19 November 2010

Meet the cats!

A.K.A. Mister Chievous. Bear. Shnookie. Pain in the ass.
 My fluffy bear babies. And when I say bear babies what I actually mean is 'grown male cats, that get spoilt'.

Phantom is fantastic, until you want sleep. I can't have either of them in the room with me at night because of him. MJ will just go to sleep but Phantom makes it his personal mission to wreck my bedroom, but only at night when I am trying to sleep. During the day he is great. I really want to dress him up as 'Puss in Boots' but he wont let me.

A.K.A. Snake hips. Jeepers. Shnoo. Bottomless pit.

MJ is greedy. He always eats Phantom's food, so I have to watch them eat. Apart from that he's fab. I think he looks a little like the pink panther, and I really want to put a hat and white wispy hair on him to see if he looks like jeepers creepers. He has the crazy saucer plate eyes.

On another random note, I can't believe it is half way through November already, but I have to say I am starting to feel christmassy >_< which I am loving.

Insomnia is a little better, but seeing as it's 2:30am it may not look that way. I am tired so I am actually heading to bed in the moment, I don't feel like ripping my hair or eyeballs out... it's a good sign. Trust me.

It is getting really cold as well. My winter gear has now come out of hibernation.


  1. Loving the way this story is evolving. Cannot wait to read the rest and see how it ends. Can't wait to see Owen's reaction when Claire says yes!

    PS How's the sleeping going?

  2. Well you will be happy to know that you will find out his reaction next friday :P

    Much better, my head isn't throbbing any more which means I can concentrate better on writing. Yay!