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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hero Love: Robin Hood

Russell Crowe as Robin in 'Robin Hood.'
 I've always liked the Robin Hood stories. I'm not sure why exactly, maybe I have a thing for men in tights... hmmm. The films. The animation. The TV series. I'm a Robin Hood fan. I was excited when the newest film came out, the trailer looked cool. And when I finally got to see the film... I was not dissapointed.

I like Russell Crowe. I love Cate Blanchett. So I was a happy viewer for those two reasons alone.

Robin Hood as a hero... Well, he's great with that bow and arrow of his - that sounds rude for some reason... - like all 'hero' heros he stands up for the weaker. So not only is he very noble in all sense of the word. And he knows how to rock a pair of green tights. I was a little dissapointed Russell didn't get around to trying them on though... But the actor Alan Doyle, who played 'Alan A'Dayle' sure made up for it. That man was like a medieval rockstar. He was amazing!

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