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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Heroine & Hero Love: Rogue & Gambit

Rogue & Gambit (X-Men comics)
  Oy. I did it again. I didn't post yesterday. I'm blaming it on feeling slightly out of sorts.

So, straying a little away from tv/film, but then again not, because X-men use to be a cartoon series on tv and naturally they have been made into films starring the delicious Hugh Jackman as Wolverine *swoon*

I use to watch the cartoon, mainly for Rogue and Gambit, because I just hearted them both so much. They were two sarcy, tough characters. Gambit kicked butt, he was cheeky, cocky, confident. And. Even when he loses his powers - I'm straying into the comics now - he can still beat the crap out of someone because he is a thief, and a conman type. He's awesome.

Rogue I always felt sorry for, you know with her not being able to touch people without killing them, but that didn't stop them from getting together and trying. There was one moment in the series that always stuck out for me. Gambit was going on at her about something and she grabbed one of his cards and held it between their lips and kissed him. And I loved that. It was a protective barrier but it was sweet and funny and just them.

I do love Anna Paquin so I was very happy when I found out she was playing Rogue, but I was sooooo upset there was no Gambit with her. Naturally they change things for the movies as we all know, but I have my fingers crossed they may still put Rogue and Gambit together, as there are rumors about another X-men film coming out, and then another. We shall soon see.

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