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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Win a kindle! (July Release Party Details)

Saturday July 30th I am over at the Noble Release Party from 6pm till 7pm Eastern time.

I will be answering questions, along with the hero and heroine from She-Wolf - Owen and Clare. You can ask them anything you want, anything at all!

 I will be putting up an excerpt, talking about old school horror creatures, and what gave me the idea to start this book and the series in the first place.

I will be giving away signed coverflats and a copy of the ebook. And the amazing Noble Publishing will also be giving away 2 $10 gift certificates each hour, and all attendees will have their name entered into a drawing for a kindle, the winner will be announced on sunday.

How awesome does that all sound?

So, if you have a moment, why not pop over and come hand out with us. 
We would love to talk and hang with y'all!

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