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Friday, 5 August 2011


I'm back! Had a lovely time with my family, me and my oldest sister shared much wine and giggling >_< good times!

Everyone who won a signed cover flat - you would have received an email from me on Sunday : ) - they are in the mail and on their way to you!

I hope you all have had a lovely week, and that the weather has been nice for you. It has been boiling over here, apart from Thursday, lots of rain, which was nice since it cooled the air a little.

So, I mentioned something about "exciting news" in my last post didn't I? Well, I'm happy to say that last week I signed a contract for my angel novella The Collector.

*Happy dance*

I actually wrote The Collector in October 2009, a couple of weeks before I wrote Razel Dazzle. Like RD, The Collector was edited, but also lengthened during early 2010, and queried. At the time Angel stories were starting to become big, and being a believer myself, I wanted to do something a little different - and hope I have, to some respect.

The freebie "Home" is actually a short story linking up to the upcoming release. The hero of the novella is Kale - who is the lead of the short also - so please feel free to have a little read of "Home" to get a taste for what type of story The Collector is - although, it is a romance as well : P

On another note, I will be putting up a little section on the She-Wolf page regarding how the "series" and each story came about. So look out for that!

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