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Saturday, 20 August 2011


Because I haven't done one in a while?


Okay, I make lists in my head - and on paper - and I think there is a chance I missed something really vital out...

She-Wolf spent the first week after it's release at No.4 on Noble's top ten best sellers. It went to No.2 on it's second week and then No.1 on it's third.

I literally spent a good few days alternating between these expressions -
: 0  : )  : D  >_< -
Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased it. I hope you're - or you have - enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Also I just wanted to let y'all know that She-Wolf is now available for purchase on Amazon and AllRomanceEbooks/OmniLit - links on She-Wolf Page.

Current Projects

The sequel to She-Wolf - Cranberry Blood, you may have seen that title kicked about a bit : P - is currently with my editor and going through its first set of edits. So if you enjoyed She-Wolf, you wont have to wait to long to find out what the deal was with those bloody - forgive the pun - "Rogues" and what Brendan is up to ; )

I'm in the middle of editing my sweet contemporary romance Stepping Stones, so it is presentable to submit to my editor.

I'm waiting for my edits for The Collector.

I shall share news once I have it : )

I finally sat down - My head really has been all over the place recently *tut, tut* - and made a nice solid history for Delaney and Christopher's novella. (I'm a panster remember.) I am calling it Charged for now, so far it fits, but if I think of something better then it will change.

I do have a few things to whisk up for my own peace of mind, but I already started. Look there is a progress bar and everything.

I have to admit, the story they brought to me is a few years after they met, and that is the one - Charged - that is hammering in my brain. But, part of me can see other stories that are set after they meet... and I am rocking on the balls of my feet wondering where would be a good place to start.

Obviously, this isn't a comic book - and I wouldn't dare insult any comic book writer and illustrator by saying otherwise - but in true fashion, comic book time lines jump back and forth. I think that is what is going to happen, mainly because my mind is to focused on years later.

Hmm. Yes. I think the best bet is to just write the story and then see how I feel when I have finished it. Yes, that sounds like a good plan. I think? O_o

On another note, for anyone who enjoyed the first installment of Sparks - the very first moment Dee & Chris meet - you might be happy to know that after two months - *hangs head* - I have the next installment for you. I just need to go through it again and make sure I am happy with it, then I will pop it up. So look out for that in the next couple of days : )

Last, but not least, Noble YA line has an open call for vampire novellas. I have a little story cooking, but that is all I am saying. As some of you know I sometimes mention a brilliant idea, and then... well I haven't written it.

I will eventually get around to them, but sometimes other stories/characters jump in and hound me - *coughowencoughshe-wolfcough* and I have to write them first.

If only I had another set of hands... One can only dream of the possibilities.

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