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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Points of the bullet kind

Just because I haven't been random in a while . . .

  • I'm half way through my first lot of edits on - The Collector.
  • She-Wolf received 4 cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews.
  • I figured out that what I wanted to do for my short for WOCA interlocks perfectly with my current project, which is frickin' awesome on a number of levels.
  • By project I do mean Chris and Delaney's novella. Remember I said I was a panster? Yeah, I had to pause and do some planning, but now I have, I can continue. *high five?*
  • The lovely Chris Lange did a funny blog post a little while ago which you should all check out if you're in a nice, "I feel random and I want a giggle" mood.
  • The new Jane Eyre movie looks AMAZING.
  • So does the new Fright Night. *says Fright Night in the creep way the old show from the old movie did.*
Last, but not least, tomorrow I am being joined by the lovely Megan Hussey. So, don't forget to stop by and show her some love!

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