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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Demons - Mary Abshire

Demons: Why are they so hot?

Short/quick answer: They're from hell, silly. Anything from the far south is hot. : )

Demons can be evil, like most are in movies, or they can appear bad, yet have a part of them that wants to do the right thing. In books I've read, demons aren't so bad. They're strong, handsome, and naughty. Peel the layers and they have a heart.

In my books, my demon is hot not only because of his body temperature, but also for his strong, hunky physique, blunt attitude, and bad boy persona. Underneath all that, he wants to do good. He wants to win the woman of his dreams.

Speaking of which, my protagonist, Jessie, is a half-demon who can send souls to hell. She thinks she's bad because of her demon blood, and it will take someone to open her eyes and realize that blood alone doesn't determine if a person is evil or not. She's spunky and indecisive at times, but that's because she doesn't really trust other supernatural creatures.

The whole good versus evil concept is one I think everyone enjoys. Turn a bad demon into something good, or at least moral, through internal or external conflict and I'm interested. Have his/her goal save someone, work for the greater good, or do anything to save the woman he wants, and I'm intrigued. Demons don't have to be evil, but they do have to have conflict. After all, it's part of who they are J

If you're curious to read about my bad boy demon, Jeremy, I encourage you to check out my Soul Catcher series. It's a paranormal/urban fantasy romance series. There are 4 books and they are:

Claiming the Evil Dead
Catching an Evil Tail
Fighting Evil
Love Conquers All Evil

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