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Monday, 3 October 2011


It's October! *Re-decorates leaf style*

Lovely autumn. Halloween. The month of The Collector's release... Yes, you read correctly.

The Collector is to be released on October 12th, which is only 8 days away... O_o *hyperventilates* Naturally I will be doing a lovely competition to celebrate its release, so pop back on the 12th. : )

I'm eagerly awaiting the cover. Very excited to see the new shiny. So keep a look out for the post where I scream.... "My Precioooooous!"

For book blurb, just click... here. Oh and for those who may not have read it, there is a link to The Collector Prequel, which is a short freebie. : )

I also have the awesome Sarah Ballance stopping by this Wednesday (5th) and then the brilliant HC Brown on the (19th) so don't forget to pop by and give 'em a little loving!

And, you may have noticed the lovely little Halloween banners to your left?

From 28th-30th - I am taking part in a Blog Hop with a bunch of amazing authors. The event was set up by the lovely Drea Becraft. Each author will be doing a little something on their own blog. I will be throwing a competition across those four days, and talking about Halloween : ) If you click... here... you can check out who else is taking part.

And at the same time.... Spook-a-licious is taking place!

For those of you who were around last Halloween, you may remember I promised this year would be a little more fun? Well, I promised, and I am delivering. : )

I have some awesome authors joining me to talk about all things, well, spook-a-licious. Horror movies that scared them as children. Halloween tales. Why they decided to write about particular creatures.... lots of Halloween goodness, and goodies. Yes, yes. Lots of competitions! : ) It's going to be awesome!!!

*Passes out*

So, as you can see October is going to be just a bit busy. More information to follow. So y'all come back and check it out ya here! : P


  1. Luv the new digs decor.

    I also luvs da Halloween.

    Big time.

    Woot for Spook-a-licious!

    Or should I say "BOO!"

  2. *Squeaks at the Boo!*

    I can't wait for Halloween! *Lines up all her bad horror movies* It's going to be Spook-a-licious! (See what I did there? : P )

    *Throws leafs around, and stuffs mouth with candy*