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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Werewolf Q&A

**Competition is closed. With a little help from Random.org, the winner is Kathryn! Congratulations! You should have an email waiting in your inbox. : D**

Still interested in winning a copy of She-Wolf? Just click here, and leave a comment. Competition ends Nov 1st, midnight - 6pm est time.

Owen: So I'm suppose to come and talk to you about what it is like to be a Werewolf. Honestly I wouldn't know where to begin, it ain't like this is something new to me or "abnormal."

I was born a Werewolf. I grew up with Werewolves. I grew up knowing that one day I would be able to change in to my other self. It didn't scare me, or freak me out. Why would it? I am what I am.

Now I have said that, what else can I say?

Elizabeth: *Sighs* Well, does it hurt?
Owen: Fuck yes. Our skin stretches across our bones, which are shifting and elongating at the same time. Our entire bodies go through an alteration. You ever broke a bone?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Owen: Did it hurt?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Owen: Try and imagine every bone in your body breaking and growing at the same time.

Elizabeth: Ouch.

Owen: Ouch doesn't fucking cover it.

Elizabeth: Doesn't it get easier over time?

Owen: Easier? No. Can we force our change to be quicker? Yes. Does the pain subside with every change? Nope, unless we have a mate, then... Don't you already know all this?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Owen: Then why are you asking?

Elizabeth: Well, this is a Q&A post, and currently I only have you, when Clare and Brendan are supposed to be here as well.

Owen: They've forgot obviously.

Elizabeth: You all live in the same house at the moment, why didn't you bring them with you?

Clare: *Walking in with Brendan* Because he is an ass.

Owen: I thought you were busy?

Clare: No you didn't.

Brendan: So, what did we miss?

Elizabeth: Nothing. You're just in time for us to start. Right folks, it doesn't matter if you have read She-Wolf or not-

Owen: Although, you really should.

Elizabeth: *Glares at Owen* You can click...  here ... for the blurb and excerpt. But basically, these three lovely people are Werewolves, which I am sure you already aware of by now. They are here to answer any question you could possibly have regarding their lives, being werewolves, their love lives...

Owen: Or lack of... *Stares at Brendan*

Brendan: Bite me.

Elizabeth: If you have read She-Wolf and there is a particular wolf you would like to ask a question - i.e. someone bar these 3 - Just state who you are directing the question to and-

Clare: We will text them for you. *Smiles sweetly*

Elizabeth: To sweeten the deal if you comment with a question, you will be in with a chance of winning a copy of She-Wolf (The Blood Series Prequel). You can ask as many questions as you want. Don't forget to add your email address in the comment, and what format you would like should you be the lucky winner.

Competition ends October 31st at midnight - 6pm eastern time. I will use random.org to help me pick a winner.

Clare: Don't worry we don't bite.

Owen: *Stares at* You're such a liar.

Brendan: Please feel free to ignore the love birds. Right, whose first?


  1. To Clare: Can't you share Owen for a little while?
    To Owen: When are you coming back? Has your creator started yet? I bet she hasn't, she's a naughty girl!

  2. Owen: *to Clare* Play nicely, flower.

    Clare: I will. *Smiles at Chris* I'm afraid not. As his mate I would have to hurt any woman who came near him. Elizabeth likes you, and she has the power to mess things up for me if I don't behave. So... sorry, but no can do.

    Owen: Don't worry Chris, I'm always going to be around. Unfortunatley Ken doll over here-

    Brendan: *Gives him the finger*

    Owen: Is the lead in the sequel to my-

    Clare: Our.

    Owen: Aye, our story. Yeah, she is a naughty girl. I had to practically force her to even write our story-

    Elizabeth: Owen. Your story is done for now. Get over it already.

    Clare: Something cropped up so Elizabeth is in the planning stages of the next book(s).

    Brendan: Thank you for stopping by Chris!

  3. To Clare: It sounds lke Owen is a real handful, what about him drives you the most insane?

    To Owen: Please finish the explaination about what having a mate does to change the shifting experience.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com

  4. ROFL! I quite enjoyed the interview, Clare, Owen, and Brendan! I'm sure watching the three of you hanging out together must be a hoot ;) Um... not having read She-Wolf, how are the three of you related? Or not related, as the case may be?

    And can werewolves be made, or are all of you born, like Owen was?

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  5. @Kathryn

    Clare: Oh that's easy, he's over protective to point where he thinks I need to stay in the house so he can go fight all my battles

    Owen: *Growls* Aye, and if you would have done as you were told you would have that scar-

    Clare: He can't help it though. He's my mate, and he's the Pack second. It's normal for him to bang on his chest and do the whole tarzan thing. *Pats Owen's thigh* Answer the ladies question.

    Owen: Just wait until I-

    Brendan: *coughs*

    Owen: As Clare's mate I am able to help her shift along by sharing my energy with hers.

    Clare: You have to kind of imagine you're inside a bubble. You're aware of that bubble, and you can feel all the way down to your bones when someone elses bubble brushes against yours. That's what our energy is like.

    Owen: I believe she asked me, flower.

    Clare: I know, but it's easy to say that your energy helps me, but it's hard to explain what it is. Our energy is like another sense to us. It runs deep, but we wear it like another layer of skin, if that makes sense. We can sense each others emotions. As mates, and as a Pack we are able to give each other strength through our energies. *Looks at Owen* What?

    Owen: *Shakes head and grins* Nothing. *Looks back at Kathryn* Basically, when we shift, I can push my energy on to Clare so her shift is quicker, less painful and she recovers more quickly.

  6. @flchen

    Owen: Clare and I have known each other since we were young. Our fathers are friends, and she use to spend a lot of time at our house.

    Clare: We're all part of the Pack. We're all friends, but I'm Owen's mate.

    Owen: I love it when you say that.

    Brendan: If a human is bitten by a Werewolf, and survives it's first full moon... Then yeah, Werewolves can be made.

    Owen: Though it is very rare that a female human survives. The Were-gene doesn't mix well with women. Plus, turning a woman is frowned upon, and it stops them from being able to concieve.

    Clare: If a male werewolf and his partner concieved a girl, she would be like me. I'm a loup-garou. We aren't full werewolves, I personally think we look liked skinned ones-

    Owen: You look beautiful in your-

    Brendan: *Rolls eyes* I just threw up in my mouth.

    Clare: Gross. *Shakes head* Anyway, Loup's still have most of a Werewolves benefits, but unlike a female werewolf, we can actually concieve.

    Brendan: So to actually answer your question. Yes we can be made, but the majority of our kind are born as werewolves, or Loups.

    Owen: Don't mind Brendan, he is just a moody git sometimes.

    Brendan: *Glares at Owen*

    Clare: Thank you both for stopping by!