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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Feature & Giveaway: Nowhere, Arizona by Leanore Elliott


Hello and I am happy to be appearing here at Elizabeth Morgan's!
Today, you have Wicked Leanore as your tour guide. You will leave your reality behind and take a hot, seductive trip to Nowhere Arizona.
Come visit Nowhere with Madeline Sayers an executive from Los Angeles. Her world is full of huge money deals and the life of a career woman in a man's world.
Circumstances force her to take a trip to Nowhere, Arizona on a mission of fulfilling her mother's last wish. She meets Devon and her world is changed forever.
First up? Your truly warm dip into the lightning pool:



 “The pool is for lovers.” Devon whispered.
A throb pulsed through her lower body. “How can that be?”
“It just is.” His voice made her tremble. She swiveled around and latched onto his lips as his arms wrapped around her. Breaking the rushed kiss, she took a gulp of air. “I feel like I’m drowning.”
“Do you feel a need?” he asked in a purring voice.
Madeline stubbornly refused to answer.
“Tell me,” he prompted in a low voice.
Her body trembled at the timbre of his words. “Stop that!”
“Talking to me like that.” She hugged herself and sat facing away from him.
Devon leaned closer. “Like I want you?”
More shivers attacked her skin, and she attempted to keep her body still. “Yes, like that.”
“Or like I want to touch you?”
Tensing, her senses accelerated to the point of insanity. She tilted her head back and breathed through her nose. A scent like sweet pine from a fresh rain in the forest drifted over her. A fragrance of pleasant days and soothing summer nights remembered from her childhood.
“Like I want to use my mouth and devour your delicious-looking skin from head to toe?” An inviting vibration filled his voice, and Madeline experienced a lustful spasm. His searing-hot mouth descended on her neck, like a fiery brand on her skin. Her body pulsed. “I want to taste you. What do you taste like? I will bet your juices are both sweet and salty.” Devon's lips caressed the words along her skin, “I would like to take those rosy nipples into my mouth and suck on them until you scream for me.”
She shuddered. “Oh, God.”
Devon leaned in a little closer. “Explore every part of you. Have you wet and wide open.”


Madeline studied his face. It appeared rougher somehow, different, but still Devon’s face. At the touch of his hands, she shuddered with desire.
“You want me,” he growled low.
An overwhelming wave of desire crashed through her. “Yes!”
He nudged her forward, and her stomach came up against the table. Bending her over, reaching under her, he rubbed her labia.
At the feeling of his probing, she moaned. “Ahh.”
“You are ready for a man.” He stuck his fingers inside her.
Her body jerked at the delightful intrusion, and she realized how wet she was. “I'm ready for Dev!”
Forcefully, he hefted her body up and entered her. At the unexpected intrusion, she drew in an astonished breath. He was so big. Her eyes watered.

Next up? A trip to The Taming Cave. Watch out for High Flames…

He seemed to know instinctively what her body yearned for, and performed each wanton act, fulfilling every lustful urge she suffered at exactly the point it rose in her.
She closed her eyes while imprisoned by the grip of the longest, most torturing orgasm of her life. Colors burst behind her closed eyes, and her body helplessly flushed hot and cold all over. With feverish greed, she tilted her hips forward to get more from the powerful pounding, thrusting back with an aggressive, rapid motion, losing control completely. Her orgasm finally slowed, and she vigorously panted from the intense ecstasy that entrapped her.
The Brave adjusted his pace to her spiraling descent from ecstatic madness and ground into her with a slower, more soothing rhythm.
Sweet relief washed over her as her body relaxed and she calmed. What is happening? Dizzy with satisfaction, she marveled at the splendid rapture while her lungs struggled for air.
His body tensed, and she jumped when the heat of his cum flowed into her. An exquisite burning fire swept through her limbs like the sharp scrape at the lighting of a match, igniting her entire body as it responded to his ejaculation. She helplessly reacted with yet another orgasm. “Ahh!” A euphoric jolt of astonishment bolted through her.

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Enjoy your stay and Wicked Leanore gives you fair warning that you may never want to go back home again.


  1. I absolutely loved this book and reading this post just refreshed in my mind every detail, so freakn good. Now I need to read the second book Gate Way to the Sun. Thank you for the give away.

  2. My email is misty@meteorflower.com :)

  3. I gave the wrong link! Here is the Amazon link to get Book Two Free. I forgot the time difference between the US and the UK and Elizabeth may not be awake yet to change it.
    Leanore Elliott :)

    1. Link is all updated :-)

      Thank you so much for sharing such a yummy excerpt with us, and holding a fab competition! The book sounds delicious.

  4. What a unique, entertaining and spicy series this is! Great reads! We're all wondering if there will be more to come...?

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  5. Ooohhhh, I think I need this on my shelf!

  6. Forgot my email addy...
    Loved the snipet, now off to the amazon!

  7. Oooh, sounds so good! Am I too late to get in on this?