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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My World Guest Interview: Cherie Denis

Today I am joined by the lovely Cherie Denis!

EM: Welcome to My World, Cherie. It is lovely to have you here today :-)

CD: Thank you Elizabeth - it's an honor to be here.

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in a small suburb of Los Angeles until I was 13. That year my father got a new job and we moved to Spokane, WA. .

I met my husband when we were seniors in high school and married when he was a sophomore in college. Our first daughter was born three years after we married and when she was 6 mos old, we moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We had a second daughter and lived in Wisconsin until we couldn't stand the cold, snowy 0winters any longer.

We moved to Nashville, TN in 1998 and love it here.

Over the years I've worked all sorts of jobs, including seamstress, hotel Catering Sales Assistant, I owned my own wedding cake business and made cakes for one of the restaurants in the city. I was a pharmacy clerk and a data entry clerk. Because I lived in several states and held down several different types of jobs, I  think the experiences along the way have helped my writing and given me some of my ideas,

1. How long have you been writing for?  

I started writing in grade school only because I loved English Literature. We were always writing essays. Once I graduated and had children the writing sort of got shoved to the side. Instead I read a lot. I always have at least 3 books going at one time plus whatever manuscript I'm working on.

2. Did you always know that you wanted to be a writer? 

I think the urge was there from the time I was nine and received the whole set of Cherry Ames Nurse books. But I never took up the pen seriously until about 10 years ago.

3. What is your favourite genre to read? To write? And why? 

My favorite genre is erotic romance. I love reading it and writing it. Not sure why. I started out writing by hand 100,000 word contemporaries, but that was just too much writing. I finally got a computer and realized there was a lot of hot sex in my books so I tried writing some straight erotic romance and they worked.

4. Who is your favourite author? Fave book? And why?  

My favorite author is Susan Johnson. I love all her books. She writes so sexy and there is always a good story to carry the sex.

5. How do you get your ideas? 

Most of my ideas come to me out of the blue or I wake up with an idea on my mind that won't let go of my brain until I get at least a couple of pages written.

6. In your opinion what is the hardest part of the writing process? 

The worst part of writing is getting the time. Either my phone is ringing or we have appointments. Life throws in too many obstacles and not enough time to write.

7. In your opinion what is the best part of the writing process?  

The best part is seeing the words in black and white and having this gut feeling it's going to be really good when it's finished. Writing The End makes me sad. I want the story to go on and on.

8. Are you a planner or a pantser? 

I've always been a pantser can't seem to change even though I've tried to organize my thoughts on paper first. It simply doesn't work for me.

9. Do you prefer to concentrate on one story, or juggle a few?  

I usually am working on at least two, plus editing another  and thinking of the next one to write. Not to mention the four or five books I have in strategic places for my reading enjoyment.

10. Tell us about one of the most favourable scene you have written. 

I wrote a murder mystery called Help Me which was published by Secret Cravings in June of 2011. The whole book was so sexy and yet creepy. If I tell you my favorite scene it will ruin the book in case someone is interested in purchasing it.

11. Out of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite and why? 

My favorite character is also from Help Me. The hero is gorgeous, warm, sexy and a fantastic lover. He has a secret that would set any woman on fire.

12. If you could meet any fictional character, who would you meet and why? 

That is a very hard question to answer. I read so much, I can't name one in particular. If it was someone from a TV show, I'd love to meet Lady Heather who appeared on the original CSI several times. She was facinating and beautiful.

Are you working on anything at the moment? 

I have three novels in progress at the moment and of course they are all secrets. I do think when they are released They'll go over like gangbusters.

Do you have any current release? 

Lord High Incubus was released on 4/9/2012. I wrote a novella about a succubus and felt that she was missing something. Thus Lord High Incubus was conceived. One thing I will share is I am debating writing a third book in the series.

How Rex missed Carlotta. He had no business falling in love with her, but he had, and letting her go had nearly broken his heart. From the day she earned her wings and left him, every kiss he had given a woman, every woman he fucked and sucked was not the woman on his mind. It was Carlotta who should be receiving the things he was doing.

He wondered if she ever thought of him. Did she miss him? Did she desire him? Where was she? Where he had left her? Could he find her?

When the meeting was over this night, Rex was going to send Teal out to find his beautiful Carlotta and bring her back to him. He could no longer wait for her, could not suffer in silence, while the woman of his dreams played with other, lesser incubi. She was his. She was his queen. 

Any upcoming releases? 

I have a book coming out in May. You might call it a "sweet fantasy"
And in June I have a vampire erotic romance being released.

Blurb: The blurbs are still a secret

Purchase link: No link yet

Where can readers find you on the Internet? 

You can find most of my books in Bookstrand.com
My web address is still being worked on. My gmail address is: cheriedenis@gmail.com

Any advice you would like to give aspiring writers? 

All I usually can say is if you feel the words pounding in your head and heart to be let out, then sit down and write, write, write. One thing I wish more people would do is take time to talk to family members and write a family history. Someday you'll be glad you did.

If you have thoughts that come to you and seem important, write them down. Carry a small notebook with you at all times to jot things down as they come to you.

EM: Thank you so much for joining me!

CD: I had a wonderful time. Thank you for inviting me Elizabeth..


  1. Great site and what a wonderful author!! thank you for hosting her!! LeslieStockton :)

  2. Thank you, Leslie.
    It was lovely to hang out with you, Cherie. :-)