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Monday, 6 August 2012

My Website!

You may have noticed that all my book pages have disappeared as well as a few other things on this site, and that would be because I have finally finished making my website.

Yes, I have a website! It is all pretty, mainly because of the amazing header my good friend Dianna Hardy made for me, but everything is so much more spacious and neat. Both The Blood Series and The Overseers Series have their own pages. The site feels a lot less cluttered and I am very happy with it.

If you would like to go take a peak the web address is - www.e-morgan.com 

Of course I will still be blogging exciting news and releases etc but updates on all my books - published, upcoming, and works in progress - will also be added in detail on my site.

The blog is going to get a make over in the next few days. I need to get the banner back up and change the background, and move things around, so bare with me. This place is going to look tidier by the end of the week. I promise.

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