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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Playing 20 Questions with Sheri Fredricks!

Today I am joined by the lovely Sheri Fredricks!

EM: Welcome to My World, Sheri. Thank you so much for stopping by to play twenty questions with me! :-)

Before we begin, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, and thank you for having me today! I live on the central coast of California, about 30 minutes from the beach. I was born and raised here, like my husband, and though I often wish to travel, I’ve never wanted to live anywhere else. We have a small ranch where we raise Border Collies and sheep, have a few horses left over from our horseshow days, and the kids can run wild and free. 

EM: Are you ready to play 20 questions? *rubs hands together*

SF: Absolutely! Let ‘er rip!!

Which do you find harder to write?

1. First person POV or Third? 

For me, first person is harder to write. It’s also not what I gravitate toward when reading. Maybe it’s because I’m a nosey person and like being in everyone’s head…

2. As a male or female? 

Weird as it is, I find it harder to write from the female’s point of view.

3. Beginning, middle or end of the story? 

The end of the story draws a challenge for me. Making sure all my loose ends are tied up and I haven’t forgotten anything.

4. Fight scenes or smex scenes? 

Fight scenes. I like to be sure the reader has a clear mental image of what’s going on – more so with multiple characters, like in a battle scene.

5. Synopsis or blurb? 

The blurb. *hangs head* I’m awful at them.

As a writer, do you prefer:

6. Writing in the morning, afternoon or evening? 

I prefer to write in the morning until early afternoon before anyone comes home from school or work. When my family is around, and the kids are digging through the refrigerator, my concentration is null and void.

7. Writing with music, or in peace? 

I prefer a quiet house.

8. Planning, or Improvising? 

Planning like a roadmap, baby!! Then sightseeing along the way.

9. Juggling a few projects, or concentrating on one at a time? 

Until recently, I only worked on one project at a time. While I was writing my next novel, a story called Portals of Oz came to me. So, I took a break and wrote and edited that novella in about two weeks. I’m back to writing Troll-y Yours now.

10. Sticking to one genre, or exploring many? 

I’m exploring one other subgenre in the romance category— a time-travel.

As a reader, do you prefer:

11. Story being told from female view or male?

I like both! The same scene interpreted by a suspicious female or a egotistical male always makes for a fun read.

12. Good guys or bad boys? 

I love a bad boy who turns out to be good!

13. Fesity females or fragile damsels? 

I’ll let you know when I finish this next novel. My first book, Remedy Maker, had a fragile female Wood Nymph. She wanted to be feisty but she was very ill, and an interesting character to write.Troll-y Yours has a kick-ass female Troll who doesn’t take crap from anyone…yet. I’m looking forward to writing her spunky attitude.

14. Stand alone stories or series?

I prefer to read and write a series.

15. Quick reads or long stories? 

Long stories. I like good things to last.

16. Romance as a side dish or the main course?

The main course with all the bells and whistles!!

17. Erotica or soft romance or something in-between?

The hot area between erotic and sensual romance.

18. More action or humor? 

Action. I like to keep things lively!

Just for fun:

19. Vampires or Angels?

Vampires – hehehe. I still like to read a good neck biter story.

20. Werewolves or Demons? 

Demons. Trying to keep the shedding to a minimum.

What are you currently working on? 

I’m working to release the short story called Portals of Oz. It’s a spin off from Remedy Maker using the same world and a few of the characters previously introduced.

In addition, I’m writing the second book in the Centaur series called Troll-y Yours. The story involves a side character with a huge ego named Aleksander, introduced in Remedy Maker. He meets the only mythic female in the Boronda Forest who isn't fazed by his charms and good looks…and whoo-wee, the sparks fly!

Do you have any current release? 

My August release is called Remedy Maker.


Man by day, Centaur by night, Rhycious is a remedy maker who needs his own healing.

He's the royal physician, famous for his cures. War and posttraumatic stress disorder has broken his spirit, preventing him from finding true happiness. Then a direct order from the queen to investigate an uprising forces him out of his secluded cabin at the edge of the forest.

Patience is an optimistic, good-natured Wood Nymph who works as a mediator to ensure harmony within the Nymph sector.

Environmental pollution in the aquifer stream that feeds the taproot tree of her heart is slowly killing her. Resigned to the fact she will not live long, she sets out to discover the mysterious disappearance of her sister. Experience has taught her to deny herself the love of a male, but the gruff Centaur is different. He doesn't push his expectations on her, only his healing nature.

When Rhycious loses his grip on reality, he believes his inability to control his disorder will drive Patience away. Nevertheless, desire flares, and Patience draws him close. Kidnapping and betrayal turn their mythic joint venture into a deadly bout.

Will their love endure when survival hinges on trusting each other?
Purchase linkAmazon:  http://is.gd/sktnSH


Rhycious grasped Patience by the elbow and steered her toward safety, away from the thick stand of trees.

“We’ll come back later,” he reasoned. “We should get to the palace.”

Like a stubborn Minotaur, she dug her little booted feet into the spongy ground and pulled her arm free of his grip. The mulish set to her bottom lip was cute, but he didn’t have time for feminine outbursts. Something was about to happen, and it churned his gut that he didn’t know what it would be.

“Then you go it alone,” she said. “I’m staying here.”

Rhy sighed, forced a deep breath, and rolled the irritation out of his shoulders. He examined her crossed arms that pushed her breasts higher, the narrowed eyes, and lifted chin. She hit him with a defiant look and a leg shift that cocked her hip out.

And her face was coloring.


Because Patience preferred his hair unbound, he’d left it to hang au natural. He wasn’t used to the long bangs brushing his cheeks, and that irritated him too. Instead of ripping his hair out by their disruptive roots, he tunneled his fingers in at the scalp line, sweeping the strands back, and held it with his gripping fists.

Deep cleansing breath in. Hold for five seconds. Slow exhale out.

Arguing wasn’t going to get him anywhere. Her job experience would outwit him at every turn. Weren’t mediators supposed to be good at bargaining?

Well then, let’s bargain.

“Patience, look. I’m sorry. I’ve got a bad feeling about this place.” Apprehension grew and he glanced over the quiet woods. “I don’t know how to explain it.”


“Huh?” His gaze cut back to her. Did she just shush him? Here he is, bleeding his heart out and she—

“Someone’s coming.” Patience faced the aspen grove.

With a small snick, he released the catch on his Bowie’s sheath and scanned the wooded area again. His ears strained to catch the sound of any movement beyond his line of vision. Hairs on the back of his neck prickled. Crouched low, he angled his body in front of her and elevated his senses to high alert.

Any upcoming releases?  The next book to be released will be Portals of Oz.


Abelia, a Boronda Forest Wood Nymph, came to Willow Bay to satisfy her curiosity of human life, and found more than she bargained for.

Jack can't wait to leave Pennsylvania and return to his archeological work in Australia, where life is filled with dingos and roos.

Human hunters stalk the enthralling Abelia, and Jack comes to her rescue by creating a ruse of helping her choose a bonsai from a street vendor. The hunters back off, but she suddenly vanishes, and he's left confused as he returns to his home in the Outback.

…until she shows up in his kitchen.

Purchase link:  Not available yet – sorry!

Where can readers find you on the internet?

My Website :     www.sherifredricks.com
Twitter:              http://twitter.com/Sheri_Fredricks
Google+:          http://gplus.to/Sheri Fredricks

EM: Thank you so much for joining me!

SF: Thank you for having me on your blog. If anyone has any questions, I hope you’ll contact me!


  1. Some good questions and awesome answers! Good answer on why you like to write in third person LOL

    1. Hehehe - I people watch in 3rd person, too. Thanks for coming by, Mart!

  2. Werewolves or Demons?

    Demons. Trying to keep the shedding to a minimum.

    I LOL. Great job today!

    1. I know you get what I'm saying. The fur flies around here enough as it is!! Thanks for stopping by, D'Ann!!

  3. Another great stop. LOL, planning like a road map--that's so you. I remember you revising your outline when your story would veer off the plotted course.

    Awesome excerpt, my friend.

    1. That's the sightseer in me, Brendan! And what fun is a roadtrip if you can't try an unmarked trail now and then?

      Thank you for being a great friend!

  4. Loved the questions and answers! Especially liked your answer to question #8 Sheri!

  5. Ha! I had to scroll up and see what question #8 was. Twenty questions is a fun interview style. Thanks for coming by, Christine.

  6. I want to thank Elizabeth for her outstanding job in setting this interview up. Your warmth and hospitality made me feel right at home.

    Thank you for having me over.

    1. Why thank you, Sheri. It was a pleasure interviewing, and hanging out with you. And I have to say the books sound fab. I am so adding Remedy Maker to my tbr pile.

      Glad you had fun, and I hope you will stop by again sometime. :-D xx