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Monday, 31 December 2012

So long 2012! Hello 2013!

2012 has flown by in a swirl of new projects/ideas, tons of edits, and three releases. Throw in a day job and some family drama and that has basically been my year in a nutshell.

I've said it before and I will say it again it really does freak me out how fast the days slip by. Then again, I am one of these people who can't wait to see what is lurking round the corner.

This year has been an equal balance of highs and lows. I have learnt a lot both in a professional and personal sense and know that I have to head in to 2013 with positivity and trust.

My Monday post at "Not Just A Stiff Upper Lip" my joint blog with Dianna Hardy is all about what 2012 brought for me. I thought I would use this years last post on my own blog to talk about my plans for next year.

To kick off 2013 I have a book release. "Creak," my erotic thriller is due for release by Secret Cravings Publishing on (tentative) January 14th. This is my first "thriller" though I have to say it is more creepy than scary, which was actually my goal. It is also my first ménage book, and I have to say I am super excited for you to meet my leading males. ;-p No, I wont give any details, but you wont have to wait too long to meet them yourself.

I have four projects I plan to complete this year.

1) Truth or Dare? - This is a contemporary erotic short. It isn't plot heavy just a sexy little story that I have currently been writing as part of my Flash Fiction "Wednesday Briefs," but I plan to get it finished once I have the edits done and dusted for Creak.

2) Let Me In - A dark paranormal erotic . . . I originally planned for this to be a short story. Or a story that will be done in three short instalments  but after finishing the first part I started wondering if it would be better as a novella. I plan to figure that out and continue writing this story once I have finished Truth or Dare?

3) Charged (and possibly, Tainted) - These are two interlocking books in a brand new series, and one that I intend to self-publish. The genre is a little bit of a mash-up at the present moment. It lays somewhere between dystopian futuristic/ Paranormal/ Superhero, Romance. I will have a better idea once it is complete.

4) Watermaker: Book 1 in the Black Water Trilogy - New Adult/Futuristic/Romance. I have mentioned this book on and off. I wrote this book with a friend of mine three years ago. We have been batting it back and forth the entire time. I know have it back for editing  My goal is to get this baby contracted this year and hopefully published, because it's time.

They are the projects that I aim - and desperately hope to - complete in 2013. I've had a couple of ideas for fresh stories, but unfortunately I don't have enough hands, time, or energy to punch out a book a month. Believe me, I wish I did, but I don't. The problem with me is half of my ideas sometimes turn in to series and as you may very well know I already have two series out there, the first book in a co-authored series complete, and with Generation Breed in the making, well, any more and my head may explode.

What about The Blood Series?

I am plotting Book 2 which is currently untitled and as soon as the above 4 projects are completed - and I have no idea when they will be - I will be throwing myself in to that book. So for now, it is in the forming stage.

What about The Overseers Series?

I plan to write a few more books in this series, but at this point in time sales for book 1: The Collector, aren't very good. A part of me hates saying that because in all honesty that shouldn't matter. I will be writing and finishing this series no matter what, but sales do kinda help the project schedule  Next to no sales means an unpopular book. Place those numbers next to the two books in a series that is selling and well, the series that is doing well is more of a priority. So, The Overseers Series is on hold until further notice.

So, that is what I plan to spend 2013 doing. I don't know what else fate has in store for me, but I don't mind as long as I get those above projects done. That's fair enough, right?

I will be taking part in a couple of blog hops in the first couple of months. So, stay tuned for posts and news on them.

Resolutions? Continue to try and lose weight. It is such a cliché resolution, but it is the only one that I am making - yet again. I've managed to maintain my weight for two years. That's better than nothing, right? Who knows maybe this year I can push it a little lower. :-P

Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2013? Do you feel positive about achieving them?

I hope you do. And I hope you all have a wonderful night and that 2013 brings you happiness and success.

Liz x

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