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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My World Guest Interview: Heather Bennett & Decadent Publishing

EM: Welcome to My World, Heather. It is lovely to have you here today. :-)

HB: I’m happy to be here with one of our esteemed authors. Thanks for having us by.

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

5’9”, blonde (Ok, blonde NOW), glasses.....oh, you mean the professional me?

I’m Heather *waves at the crowd*. I’m one of the co-owners of Decadent Publishing, an ebook-to-print publishing company based in Alaska. My partner, Lisa, lives there and I...do not. I have better weather most of the time, but she’s got an amazing view of the ocean and sees whales swim by her deck. It’s a trade off.

I’m also the Executive Editor and handle advertising and promotions.

1. When did Decadent Publishing open its virtual doors?

2010. Lisa and I knew each other for several years and discussed the possibility of opening the business at the RT Convention in Columbus, OH. A few months later, we achieved that goal and have published hundreds of quality stories in a vast array of genres from an amazing line up of talent, including new and well known authors.

And, of course, Elizabeth Morgan.

EM: *blushes* Thanking you. It is a privilege to be part of the Decadent Publishing family. :-D

4. Who is your favourite author? Fave book? And why?

Choosing one is an impossibility. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon are two I always go back to. Authors (not counting Decadent authors) would be Lara Adrian, Kenyon, Ward, Deveraux, Lindsey, Sherry Thomas, Sabrina Jeffries...Oh, lord, too many to list. When I was a kid my favorites were Lloyd Alexander, Judy Blume, and Paula Danziger. I was—and am—a huge sci-fi/fantasy nerd.

5. Does Decadent Publishing do submission calls? If so can you tell us about some of them?

Most definitely. We have several categories we’re seeking submissions on right now. We have the new Prepper Romance line, the Ubuntu African romance line (stories set on the continent), Honor Guard line would love some more international romantic suspense, Western Escape is a multi-author series set in a fictitious small town in Wyoming and that’s a lot of fun to read and write for.

Of course, we want stories for our main line, too. Foodie romance, Rubenesque romance, interracial, BDSM, and M/M are some we’re particularly interested in. You can find our submissions page and specs on our website, www.decadentpublishing.com .

EM: I have to say Decadent do have a great variety of lines and series. A little something for everyone.

6. Do you have a favourite DP series?

No. Because if I did I’d get hate mail from everyone else. *wink* 

Our most popular is our 1Night Stand series http://decadent1nightstand.blogspot.com. There are currently about 150 stories in that one. We also have the short erotic romance series, The Edge http://thedecadentedge.blogspot.com

I’m excited about our new Challenge line and our Prepper Romance line, for sure.  

8. Will DP be taking part in any events within 2013?

Many! Lisa and I are scheduled at The Naughty Sleepover in San Antonio, Decadent is sponsoring a night of the event and we published stories set at the Menger Hotel—where the event will take place—for the Sassy Seven authors. We’ll also make a showing at the Tucson Book Festival and Hot Mojave Nights in Las Vegas. I will be at the SoCal RWA California Dreamin’ event and Arizona Dreamin’ in Chandler. Some of our editors and staff will be at other events, including RAW, RT, and others, and many of our authors will be at AAD, RT, Jimmy Thomas’ event, and others around the country.

EM: They all sound like so much fun. *Sigh* Not that I mind, but living on the other side of the pond sometimes sucks.

9. Can you tell us a little about Bono Books and what type of titles this sector prints?

We have YA, mainstream, sweet romance, and non-fiction at Bono Books. Many are Decadent books that fit the requirements for that site and some are original titles. It’s a family-friendly site where our readers can send their teens and friends who are not into erotic content, and have a ‘safer’ shopping experience. www.bonobookstore.com

Can you tell us about some of DP’s current releases?

Virgin Underground
Kate Richards

A 1Night Stand Story and Prepper Romance
The Virgin Series

Doctorate in hand, Jane Ann Summers is ready to return to the South Seas paradise of her youth, when the director of the institute—her mother—drops a bomb. She cannot return until she experiences more of life...a social life.

Determined to waste no time, Jane searches for a shortcut and discovers the 1Night Stand dating service. A single night with geologist Dr. Lukas Gerard, and she can go home and get on with her fascinating study of world weather trends. The only question is whether to have sex with him…after all, it would be her first, and maybe only, time.

Lukas’s own field of study has shown him some alarming trends. He believes a killer earthquake may rattle the western half of the United States in the near future. In preparation, he converts an abandoned gold mine to a secret bunker, loaded with supplies and all the comforts of home. Only thing he needs now is company in his hideaway. Unsure how to find the right companion, he turns to 1Night Stand, but neither he nor Jane are prepared for the sudden impact of one of Madame Eve’s connections.

One night teaches them there is more to life than science…for both of them.

Also Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, ARe, Kobo, and more.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Heather Long

A Challenge Series story
Always a Marine—Book 10


Have you ever woken up every day afraid of everything?

For single mom and widow Melody Carter, six months passed since an IED ripped her life apart. Everyone is sympathetic and offers platitudes of comfort and support. Everyone thinks they know why she’s grieving, but Melody isn’t mourning her broken heart. She’s ashamed to be grateful her abusive husband won’t hurt her anymore and scared for her child. Born with a mild heart defect, her daughter needs lifesaving surgery and with her funds tight and her emotional scars tighter, she’s running out of options. When she receives an offer for assistance from Mike’s Place, can Melody put her faith in the men her husband called friend?

Have you ever woken up, day after day, to discover your body’s betrayal?

Marine Captain, Joe Anderson Cooper, received the Silver Star for Valor when he led his unit through heavy fire to rescue fellow Marines. Despite numerous injuries, the Captain refused medical aid, insisting that the medics attend others. A broken back and shattered bones put Captain Cooper in a wheelchair and every day is a battle to keep his recovery on track and his sanity intact. When a single mom moves in to the apartment next door to his and he recognizes kindred—damaged—soul, can he overcome her fear and be the man she’s always needed?

Can these two lonely souls rise to the challenge or will their scars trap them forever?

Also Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, ARe, Kobo, and more.

Where can readers find you on the internet?

MANY places!


PLEASE consider subscribing to our newsletter! http://www.facebook.com/DecadentPublishing/app_141428856257

EM: Thank you so much for joining me, Heather!


  1. That's my gorgeous partner, Lisa!
    Thanks for having us, Elizabeth! We appreciate the time you took to host us.

    Who wants to win an ebook today? Go to the Decadent website and let us know which ebook YOU'D like to read, post the title and link here, and you could win it.
    I'll pick a winner this weekend. :)

    1. Hey Lisa! *waves*

      It was my pleasure, ladies.Thanks for coming to hang out at my blog. :-)

  2. So many fabulous choices at Decadent! And how I wish I lived closer to attend these events, too. One day! :)

  3. I want to read Bear it All and it's all your fault Heather. :P


  4. Heather, somehow I thought you'd be taller. You look tall in your photos lol. And Judy Blume was one of my faves too! :) One of these days it would be awesome to meet all of you at DP in person. What we need is a DP convention/meeting somewhere in the middle where we can all meet up, and during the summer when the kids are out of school so I can attend ;)

  5. Haha@ I thought you'd be taller!!
    I love you to pieces Heather! You have some really fantastic authors writing for you! Liz Crowe and Heather Long are two of my favorites! Keep up the good work!

  6. Outlander.....Jamie Fraser.....{{{SIGH}}}}...what? huh? I think he's the reason I started writing Scottish heroes!

  7. Just wanted to pop in and say "hi"!

  8. What a great interview!!! Stopping in to share some love :) There are so many lines I stories to do and have plot outlines for!

  9. Great to hear more about our wonderful Publishers !!! Decadent is an awesome place to be :) Was a great interview !! Who gets to win a title ?? I'm anxious to read Jessica's new Challenge story and Taryn's new Frost.

  10. Love, love love Decadent! So exciting to hear all the great stuff you're doing, Heather.
    Very cool blog, Elizabeth! Love your header.