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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My World Guest Interview: Olivia Starke

EM: Welcome to My World. It is lovely to have you here today, Olivia. :- )

OS: Thanks for having me today!

1. How long have you been writing for?

I’ve been writing since grade school, though honestly I was more the art student. I didn’t get serious about it until a few years ago.

2. Did you always know that you wanted to be a writer?

I guess I never thought much about it, I just wrote. It was sort of a secondary outlet outside of drawing. I was always winning awards and ribbons in art. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school after I joined my school paper, I really considered writing. I did well on my paper, and won some awards there as well

3. What is your favourite genre to read? To write? And why?

Paranormal to write and read. I also love reading non-fiction and the classics.

4. Who is your favourite author? Fave book? And why?

Upton Sinclair is my favourite fiction author, I fell in love with his voice back in high school. Non-fiction, I adore Caitlin Moran. She’s a bawdy feminist, and simply amazing.

5. How do you get your ideas?

Out of the blue, usually. I wish it were a more magical process.

6. In your opinion what is the hardest part of the writing process?

Getting what’s in your head, down on paper. Sometimes it seems impossible to translate.

7. In your opinion what is the best part of the writing process?

The very last round of edits, when you can get the story out of your hair and move on to something new!

8. Are you a planner or a panster?

Pantser, but I do have a general outline in my head from the start.

9. Do you prefer to concentrate on one story, or juggle a few?

I juggle, I’m a terrible juggler. I have a short attention span.

10. Are you working on anything at the moment?

I’m working on many things at the moment, though my current favourite is a FF I have in the works. It’s my baby.

11. Do you have any current releases?

I have many! I welcome everyone to check out my
website to see what I have available J Here’s the blurb for one of my favorites ZOMBIE LOVIN’, It’s a paranormal erotica. It’s silly and sexy.


Zombies In Vegas Book 1: Zombie Lovin’

Dating a dead guy would be complicated and complications were one thing she liked to avoid...

Samantha Perry expected a fun weekend in Vegas, what she didn’t expect is the hottie she wakes up next to after a wild night of drinking. Tall, blue-eyed, and all American, Jake is the epitome of male virility—give or take the fact he lacks a heartbeat. But sometimes even the living impaired need a little lovin’.

And Jake has a big surprise in store for Samantha…

12. Any upcoming releases?

I have two contracted. Dirty Love (a paranormal 1Night Stand story for Decadent Publishing) and Project Terminal: Legacy (The first in a three story paranormal erotic romance contract I have with Beachwalk Press)

13. Where can readers find you on the internet?

14. Any advice you would like to give aspiring writers?

Never give up on your dream of being published! Keep working and writing. Form friendships in the writing world, they’ll support you when you feel like quitting.
EM: Thank you so much for joining me!

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