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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A BIG Update!

It’s taken me a little while to get to write this post because, well, my day job is continuing to consume time and energy from me, and I just haven’t found a moment to sit and write this update until today.

You might have noticed that the book covers for She-Wolf and Cranberry Blood, the prequel and first book in my Blood Series, have gone missing from this blog, my website, facebook, goodreads and well, are no longer available to purchase along with my sweet contemporary romance, Stepping Stones. Well, the reason for that is that Noble Romance Publishing has decided to close its doors and as of August 21st the rights to these three books have been reverted back to me.

Ever since last July my faith in Noble has slowly disappeared. I’m not going in to vast amount of details in regards to this, because I have no doubt you may have heard all about it from another author, but what I will say is after the release of Cranberry Blood I found myself torn about writing the untitled sequel due to what has been going on behind scenes. I felt that I didn’t want to write anything else that they would earn money from. So my only other option with have been to put the series on hold until the rights had run out, which would have been five years from now, and then continue. This was something I really didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to make anyone wait that long for the rest of the books.

So, as you can imagine I am relieved and thrilled that I now own the rights to these two books once more, which means I can now continue with the series without any worry.

Separate from receiving my rights back for the above, I requested the rights back to my debut novella, Razel Dazzle, in May this year, which is why you won’t find this story on sale, or see the cover anymore. 

This book has hardly sold in the two years it has been published. I will hold my hands up and say that because it was my first book it didn’t get the promotion or attention it needed. And I will hold my hands up and say there could be a number of reasons for lack of sales, but the main reason, I believe, was the price.
Razel Dazzle is a 23,000 story, and it was on sale for $4.99. The price is too high in my opinion. Especially since Cranberry Blood is 93,000+ words and it was on sale for $5.99, which for that size I think is reasonable, but it is 60,000 word difference and only a $1 less. It made no sense to me.

So, in the space of five months I have received the rights back to four of my books. Exciting, but at the same time a little scary because it kinda feels like I’m starting all over again, but then again, what’s the harm in that? A fresh start is a good thing, especially when I originally had big plans for my Blood Series.

I guess the big question is; what now?

Razel Dazzle

I am in the middle of getting this book ready for reissue. Yep, I am journeying into Self-publishing. I always said I would if I got the rights back to my stories, and well, I did and I will be lowering the price of this story to well under half of what it originally was.

 The manuscript is currently with a fab editor and friend of mine. I have a beautiful cover, which I can’t wait to show you all, and basically, I am at the beginning of sorting promotional material and tours out.
My aim is to release this book toward the end of October. I don’t want to set a date just yet until I get the notes back from my editor, and until I have everything sorted.  With this being the first book I self-publishing I really want to make sure that everything is neat and tidy, and at the best it can be.

So, as soon as I set the date you will know because I am planning on doing a cover reveal and giving this baby the attention it should have gotten the first time round.

~ * ~

Stepping Stones

My Sweet Contemporary Romance will be resubmitted the moment I have sorted one tiny little glitch out. So, more news on that when I have it.

~ * ~

The Blood Series

When I originally wrote these books I had so much in my head that I wanted to do in regards to releasing and promoting them. I have said it on many occasions, but Cranberry Blood was the first book I ever wrote, which means it has a very special place in my heart. So, I am more than thrilled that I do have the rights back for these books, because I will be self-publishing them.

For those of you who have read either of the books, or both, and are following the series I just want to say how deeply sorry I am that you have had to wait this long for the sequel or rather, to find out about the sequel. I never intended for such a long gap between books, but as I said above, I didn’t want to send my book to a publisher who I didn’t trust any more.

So, the plan for these books is rather simple; I intend to read through both, edit and tweak, and then send them to my editor. My hope and goal is to have them both out again early 2014 followed shortly by the untitled sequel.

I started making notes for the sequel ages ago. All I need to do is refresh my head a little and take it from there. I love these books. I am very excited to go back to them and I hope to have more news in regards to the sequel very soon.

Other news

Truth or Dare?

I am currently waiting for my edits for my erotic short story, “Truth or Dare?” which was contracted with Decadent Publishing. If you pop back on Sunday I might just be sharing a one off, sneak peek snippet. ;-P More news as I have it.

~ * ~

Let Me In (Work in Progress)

This is the project I have been playing with for longer than I would like to admit. I like the story, but it is slow going. Now that I have my rights back for The Blood Series my main focus is getting those books back out and getting the sequel finished.

I might dabble with this book in-between, but there is a big chance that it is going to end up on the back-burner along with a couple of other projects I have mentioned this last year.

I will get around to them, but The Blood Series is now my priority.

~ * ~

Competitions/Blog Hops

I’m taking part in The Romance Reviews Fall into Romance Blog Hop, which starts on Friday 13th and ends on Saturday 21st. I will be talking about a romance book, or rather a series. One that I have just gotten into and enjoyed immensely. Plus I will be holding a giveaway so please do stop by and participate.

I’m also taking part in Bex ‘n’ Books Pumpkin’ Patch Hop. The Collector is being featured on October 11th. I will be giving away books and swag and would absolutely love for you to drop in and say hey.

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