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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sexy Snippet . . . Creak!

Hey folks! Sunday again already. Where does the week go?

Carrying on from last weeks snippet, which you can read here. There was much restraint to stop at seven lines. I have to say I love this first scene it's funny and teasing, but I'm going to be good this week and only give you the required seven lol


~ * ~

My steps faltered. "I'm so pretending that I didn't even hear you go there."
Her husky laughter filled my ear. "And I so can't believe you haven't already gone there. What's wrong with you?"
"Er, they're my best friends."
"What are friends for, but to help each other get through bad times and have multiple orgasms?"
"Something is seriously wrong with you."
"Look who's talking. You have two hot guys at your beck and call, and you haven't even fooled around with either of them. For shame, Nikki."

"We've been friends since childhood."

~ * ~


What happens in Silver Creek, stays in Silver Creek.

After spending the summer as a recluse due to a bad break-up, Nicole Saunders agrees to go to The Heat Wave Festival with her best friends, Kacey and Tyler.

Along with three other friends they plan to take a shortcut through the small town of Silver Creek; the last thing any of them expected was to become lost and end up pulling in to a motel for the night.

The Creek Motel is isolated and the last place Nicole wants to be, especially after meeting the glacial owner, but her discomfort is soon forgot as she finally gives in to her feelings and asks Kacey and Tyler to spend the night with her.

A decision she quickly regrets when she discovers that their friend has mysteriously disappeared from her locked room in the middle of the night. Worried, Nicole presumes the worst, but quickly discovers that Jayne's disappearance is more disturbing than any of them could have guessed.

~ * ~

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  1. I love the banter and the hint of smexiness to come. :)

    1. These characters were a lot of fun to write. ;-P

  2. Those friends sound very special.

  3. What are friends for indeed, lol. Love it, Elizabeth :-)

    1. lol can't decide if I need to put that line on a t-shirt or mug or something ;-P

  4. Fabulous dialogue. She should go there.

  5. Sounds like someone's going to have some fun! ;)