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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sexy Snippets . . . On The Rocks!

Well, I have no idea where this week has gone, but I am exhausted and therefore very glad that it is over.

Continuing from where we left off last Sunday, which you can read here. Enjoy!

~ * ~

"No, I'm not shy." I folded my arms across my shell-covered chest. The press of the hard material against my sensitive nipples caused my core to tighten. "But I usually have to buy a girl a couple of drinks in order to be treated to a show like that."
She turned to look at me, the fringe on her dress swaying with her movement. A thin eyebrow arched, her cherry lips pulled into a dazzling smile. "Well." The intensity locked in her bright eyes as her green gaze moved from my head to my toes and back again made my entire body tingle. "I guess you owe me a drink, Meghan."
A wide smile claimed my lips, and I stared at her with open interest. She was sexy, and she damn well knew it.
"Yeah, I guess I do."

~ * ~


"On the Rocks" is the hottest club on South Padre Island, and Meghan's new workplace.

If the warped mermaid uniform isn't enough, the fact that she can't stop thinking about the club's singer, Zenzie, is. Everything about the female gets Meghan hot, but when she finally gets her shot with the temptress, it turns out Zenzie isn't as perfect, or as human, as Meghan thought.

~ * ~

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  1. This follows on nicely from the last and its a great snippet.

    1. Thanks Daisy. Glad you liked it! :-)

  2. I'm so enjoying the snippets from this story :-)

    1. Glad you're enjoying them, Doris. :-)