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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sexy Snippets . . . Stepping Stones!

I'm cutting in to the sexy snippets of She-Wolf to tease you with my upcoming release, Stepping Stones. Yep, my sweet contemporary romance re-releases in just 8 days time (June 17th.) How fast has that come around?

I will be posting the tour schedule next week. The tour will last from June 16th till July 2nd. Lots of interviews, guest posts and spotlights, plus a tour wide competition. I'm giving away 2x ebook copies of Stepping Stones and 2x swag packs. So, if you're interested in getting your hands on some goodies look out for the details next week. For now, here's your first sneak peek at Stepping Stones. Enjoy!

~ * ~

Biting my lip, I hurried forward. Stacie and Ann moved aside, and my focus drifted up the pair of jean-clad legs, and then the broad, black polo neck, covered chest ahead of me. My gaze locked with William’s. I stumbled, managing to catch hold of one of the pews before I landed face-first on the cold floor. I smothered a curse.
He hadn’t changed. Same build. Same taste in clothes. Same shoulder-length black hair and sun-kissed complexion complete with a sprinkling of stubble on the lower half of his face. He didn’t even look any older. He still looked like the man I had fallen for.
Six years after what would have been our wedding day, I was finally walking down the aisle. And there William stood, waiting at the end, only not for me.

~ * ~

Stepping Stones
(Sweet Contemporary Romance)
by Elizabeth Morgan


There's nothing like a wedding to bring the family together ....

If not for her baby sister's impending marriage, Margaret West would never return home. But after six long years, she finds herself a maid of honor who must answer to the people she left behind.

If her parents' interrogation doesn't drive her to drink, facing her foster brother, Adrian, just might. To make matters worse, her ex-fiancé is the vicar who will conduct her sister's ceremony.

Everyone demands to know why she ran off. But the more time she spends at home, the more Margaret realizes even she doesn't know the real reason.

Releasing June 17th!

 ~ * ~

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  1. Oh my, that's gonna end in tears, isn't it? Fab snippet and congrats on your upcoming release :-)

    1. I can say with all honesty that tears are shed in this book. Thanks, Doris. :)

  2. Intriguing blurb. This sounds like a story from the heart. Love the snippet