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Saturday, 12 July 2014

RBTL Tours: Angel by S.A. Huchton

What inspired you to write a series about superheroes?

Growing up, my mom and brother were both huge comic book fans. While I preferred regular books, I indulged from time to time in comics as well, drawn in both by the artwork and characters I discovered. The X-Men and Cloak & Dagger were amongst my favorites back then, and I even tried my hand at drawing my own characters and writing up little backstories for them. But, alas, drawing was never a real talent of mine, so for many years I set that aside for the things I was more interested in.

I think the first time it ever occurred to me that superheroes were possible in book format was when I listened to the audiobook podcast of Mur Lafferty’s Playing For Keeps. I loved the world Mur created, and it’s still one of my favorite stories even now. But I can’t say that I had any inclination to write that sort of thing myself. For me, it’s all about finding the right characters or initial idea. Whatever world that happens to be in, well, I just run with it and see what happens.

The real breakthrough probably happened when Hollywood started churning out the current round of superhero movies a few years back. What started with Iron Man (and sort of the Edward Norton Hulk movie too, but it wasn’t anywhere near as good), became a full-blown love affair with superheroes when the Avengers movie released. I went back and watched any superhero movie I could get my hands on, including the not-so-fantastic Fantastic Four movie during my travels last summer.

It was amidst this movie (for whatever reason I can’t fathom), that my mind wandered and hit on something. As I showered before bed that night, a sudden flash of inspiration hit me, like all of the superhero stuff I’d taken in for the past five years coalesced into a solid, fully formed idea of my own. The final scene of Evolution: ANGEL sprang to life and my brain went on a full-tilt rollercoaster ride of plotting and planning about who those characters were and what had brought them to that point. And then, I kept going, working out what would become of them in the aftermath and how they would grow and change and become even stronger for having lived through it all. It was amazing and unstoppable and insane and the most phenomenal fun I’d ever had writing books. Either it was going to be something incredible, or turn into a flaming pile of NOPE.

So far, so good. On the whole, the responses to this series have been overwhelmingly in the positive. Readers that don’t even like superheroes are finding themselves drawn into the story and invested in the characters and their journey. That’s really the best thing a writer can hope for, so I’m so glad these books are finding a place in readers’ hearts. If nothing else, it’s helped me learn to trust my creative instincts, no matter how unusual the idea is.

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Title: Evolution: Angel
Author: S.A. Huchton
Series: The Evolution Series (#1)
Genre: Adult Superhero Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: March 6 2014
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print


Candace Bristol has always been obsessed with comic books, but in a world where the nightly news often mirrors these inked stories, her dreams of becoming a real superhero could actually come true. After being rescued by members of the government’s AdvaNced Genetic EvoLution (ANGEL) Project four years ago, getting recruited for this elite team is all she's wanted.

Now 18, she's finally reached her goal after years of study and physical training, but little could have prepared her for life as a genetic experiment. As though coming to terms with her new ability to manipulate water isn't tough enough, she never expected to be swept off her feet by one of her fellow recruits.

With genetic alteration, the threat of physical and mental instability hangs over every superhero like a shadow. When one of their own tumbles over the edge of madness, Candace will have to choose between protecting the world, and saving the one who holds her heart.

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Author Information:

A geek of all trades, Starla Huchton has been crafting stories in various genres since 2007. Her first novel, The Dreamer’s Thread was released as a full cast audiobook podcast, becoming a double-nominee and finalist for the 2010 Parsec Awards. After releasing short fiction of steampunk, noir fantasy, and other varieties, she released the first three books of the Sci-Fi Romance Endure series in 2013. All three books of the Evolution series will be released in 2014, as well as a Steampunk Fantasy novel, Master of Myth (the Antigone’s Wrath series, book 1), which was the first place winner of the Crested Butte Writers’ contest, The Sandy, in 2012.

When not writing, Starla trains three Minions, a black lab, and a military husband whilst designing book covers for independent authors and publishers at Designed by Starla.

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  1. Aargh!! I don't know whether my last comment posted or not - so I'll just say that my favourite superheros (because I can't separate them, I'm afraid) are Batman and Superman - and the ones from the DC comics, not the films. There IS a difference ;)