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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

RBTL Tours: Visions by Kimberly Readnour

Title: Visions
Author: Kimberly Readnour

Series: The Mystical Encounters Series (Book 1)
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Mystery
Publisher: Rae-Allen Publishing {Self}
Release Date: Dec 15 2014
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print


“Since problems don’t exist in the euphoric world she envisions, my life will never measure up because it will always be problematic.”

Heather Reiner isn’t your typical teenager. With abilities reaching far beyond the norm, she’s just beginning to discover the possibilities.
Growing up different from her peers hasn’t been easy. From being ridiculed by classmates to her mother’s unwillingness to accept anything paranormal, life’s been rather difficult.
At an attempt to escape their past, her mother moves them to another state. Heather soon realizes though, you can’t run from a problem that begins inside yourself.
A guy from her new school, Barry, is captivated the first time he sees her. Determined to know her better, he soon learns her layers of complication run deep. With persistence, he chips away at her shield until each protective layer starts unveiling itself.
 Heather wants a chance at an ordinary life, one where her abilities remain hidden. But secrets never stay hidden forever. They have a way of surfacing, revealing themselves when you least expect.  Is normalcy obtainable, or will the mystery about herself be discovered? And if discovered, will Barry be like everyone else and turn away?

~ * ~


A faint sound – perhaps a whimper – echoes faintly in the background of my mind. Seconds, or maybe hours later, the sound returns, ringing annoyingly through my head. I’m desperate for it to go away. It takes a few more moments for me to realize the annoying sound is coming from my very own mouth. Something isn’t quite right, but I’m too unfocused to figure out what.
I wonder where I am while mentally questioning what happened to me, but I’m groggy and confused.  I feel dominated, trapped by the total darkness surrounding my mind. I can’t move, rendered motionless from my semi-conscious state on the hard, unfamiliar surface. It’s as if my brain can’t process what I’m lying on, making me question my location, and how I even got here – wherever here is. Though I can’t seem to remember anything, deep down I know I’m not here by choice.
An urgent need to know where I am is overpowering as my brain finally registers the necessity of opening my eyes. If I could see my surroundings, then perhaps I’ll be able to recognize where I am. Taking a deep breath, I use what little strength I have to force them open. They barely budge. Defeat washes through me as I realize my eyelids are heavy, the simple task of opening them is impossible. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I move?
Part of the problem is my head… my head is pounding, it hurts so bad. It feels as if someone’s taking a drumstick and beating on top rhythmically. Boom… Boom… Boom… If I bring my hands to my forehead, I could apply enough pressure that may disperse the pain. I try raising them, but my arms won’t cooperate. I can barely lift them off the ground. Where did all my energy go?
I’m not sure what to do next because this pain isn’t leaving. I inhale a deep breath and hold it while reopening my eyes. A sharp pain darts straight across my head, landing right between them. It takes all my strength to not wince while closing them tight in hopes of helping, having little success.
Deflated, I lie perfectly still for a few more minutes, taking slow, even breaths. I begin to realize I have two options. Either continue to lay here without moving, or try to figure out what’s happened to me. After a few seconds of debate, I opt to go with the latter. 
With yet another deep breath, I force my eyelids open as far as I can manage, trying my hardest to ignore the agony, but everything’s dark and blurry. Deep in my chest, a burning sensation emerges, as if any minute the suppressed panic that has been simmering is going to burst out. I squeeze my eyes shut again, for the pain has become unbearable. Another soft whimper escapes.
Maybe I should just continue to lie still. Focus on something other than torment. Breathing… I need better control of my breathing, for it has accelerated to the dangerous level of hyperventilating. I keep telling myself to calm down and get a grip. Focus on taking slow, deep breaths. The more I breathe in, I realize, the more I’m nauseated. Ugh… That smell.  It stinks of stagnant, damp air, mixed with stale cigarette smoke. I force myself to pace my breaths anyway, cringing at the scent while the question of my location lingers in my mind.

~ * ~

Author Information:

I have always enjoyed reading books, but within the last five years discovered my passion for writing. Ever since childhood, I dreamt of writing a novel, but never took the time to pick up a pen.  Oops, showing my age… I mean laptop. When my daughter reached her teenage years, I found my reason to start composing those stories.
I worked for fifteen years as a Registered Nurse before hanging-up my stethoscope. Now, I run my own business while continuing to write during any downtime.
I’m blessed with a wonderful husband and two children. The dynamics in our household changed when my oldest left for college, but I can’t say it was bad. Different, but definitely not bad. When she returns, we enjoy hiking, camping, and simply hanging out as a family. Each stage of life has been amazing, as to which I’m truly grateful.
My debut novel titled Visions was released Dec 15 2014. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Author Links:
Amazon Author Page
Facebook Page

~ * ~


4 Stars

Visions is the first book in the Mystical Encounter Series by Kimberly Readnour.

I don't read a lot of YA books, but being a believer Clairvoyance etc and an individual who enjoys reading and watching stories/shows that  are based around psychic investigation, I decided I wanted to give Visions a try.

I'm glad I did. Heather is a likeable teenager with a very wonderful gift that has unfortunately made her the "outcast" in society. She takes the approach most teenagers, or well people, might take when she has a gift that closed-minded people can't wrap their head around, and closes herself off. An approach that has served her well up until her mother decided to move them to another state.

Luckily - and in the long run - the move of area proves to be a good choice - even if it seems to be a difficult and sad choice for a while - and Heather soon discovers that there are some open-minded people in the world.

Barry, her first real friend, is a sweet, lovely, funny seventeen year old lad who just gets her from the beginning and encourages her to be herself, even if he can't always relate to her. Barry proves to be a good and supportive influence that comes in to her life and is able to not only pull her out of her shell, but give her the strength she needs when she feels like she is flagging.

Nicole is a sweet secondary character who backs-up the theory that there are some believers in the world, and proves to be extra support for Heather in a way that Barry can't be.

The visions - Heather's visions - are subtle and skilfully placed throughout the story, never breaking flow or pace; you always know where you are at when she sees something. The link that brings and eventually bonds all the characters together - though gruesome and sad - made the serious and heavy plot deeper, sweet, and more heartfelt. You really feel for everyone and when the book reaches its climax and justice is served you can't help but feel satisfied for all involved.

Visions is a great read. The pace is great, it doesn't drag or get confusing; everything flows and you just want to keep reading. The last couple of chapters hint to possible matters and discoveries, which will hopefully take place in book two of the series, Deceptions. Not to mention the teaser of a vision Heather has in the final chapter which indicates that the next book is sure to be as interesting as the first. I for one can't wait to read it.

(This book was received from author in exchange for an honest review.)

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