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Sunday, 9 August 2015

2015 Release Schedule Update

I have promised you all an update for the last few weeks and here it finally is.

I did not plan to have two books releasing so close together its just kinda happened that way. This year is the first in a couple of years I have actually been able to write something new, well, almost new; Blood Book Two. The last two years - with one of my publishers closing - has been spent on polishing and re-releasing the books that I had received the rights back for. So, it's been nice to actually write again, but that is not what I'm blogging about today. It's time I give you an idea of what the heck is going on with this release schedule of mine.


I received the rights back for my erotic suspense novella early May. I have been undecided in regards to when I want to re-release this book as it wasn't in my plans for this year. At first I thought I would sit on it and release it on Halloween, and then I thought well what is the point in doing that when not much needs to be changed it just needs another scene sliding in there. So the aim was to release it as soon as possible, and well, release it once my lovely editor was able to start work on it with me.

We have started edits on Creak. As stated above not much needs doing with the story, but my editor and I feel that it just needs another scene in there to tighten the story that extra notch. We have both agreed on a date I had in mind to re-release the book; early September.

The exact date and details etc will be revealed this Thursday 13th August during the cover reveal on Facebook, which you can join: https://www.facebook.com/events/1156070317743574/- I will be sharing excerpts and holding a little giveaway to celebrate the reveal, and would love if you could join me.

Blood Book Two

I had hoped to have the book finished by now, but my recent change in circumstances - which I do not regret - started off somewhat smoothly and then just kinda veered on to a rocky road. It's been a little stressful the last couple of weeks. I have had to cancel an event I really wanted to attend, and well, look over a lot of stuff, but everything is fine and will be fine in the long run. Onward and upward.

Other than outside forces at work; Blood Book Two is proving to be a lot longer than I first thought. I think mainly because we have four character POV in this novel, so in one sense there is a lot more going on then there was in She-Wolf and Cranberry Blood. Also it's a little to do with me freaking out. I think I am allowed to admit that, right? As some of you may know from interviews and guest post back when She-Wolf (prequel) and Cranberry Blood (Book one) were released I mentioned there has been quite a gap between those two books and this one - five years exactly - and that was due to issues with my previous publisher.

So, although Book Two overlaps with/continues from Cranberry Blood meaning no time has passed for the characters; for me, five years has passed. My voice has changed - hopefully improved - as a writer, and well, so many people have enjoyed Cranberry Blood - which makes me so happy - I'm feeling the pressure a little with this book. She-Wolf has had mixed reviews, but overall despite what people think of SW, Cranberry Blood has been well received. So yeah, I will hold my hands up I have gone back to the beginning of Blood Two a couple of times and re-read, tweaking along the way, and hoping to god that you, the readers, will enjoy the next instalment of Heather and Brendan's story.

If there is one thing I have learnt - because as a writer you are constantly learning along the way - I will never take breaks between books that are intended to be a series. The reason there was a gap with this series was simply that it took a year to get She-Wolf published, a year later Cranberry Blood was and then after CB had been released with my ex publisher all hell broke loose at the publishers and it took a year to get the rights back, and then a year to polish and tightened and re-release them both.

I have learnt.

So, I firstly want to apologize to those of you who are eagerly waiting the release of Blood Book Two. I wanted so badly to stick to my Summer release goal and at this point in time I'm still not 100% sure if I will be able too.

I had planned to release Blood Book 2 at the end of September. Now, there is a chance that I may still be able to keep that promise, but as stated above Blood Book Two is proving to be longer than expected - which is hopefully a good thing - and with that in mind - and knowing how many chapters I have left to write - I'm thinking I may have to push the release back a month, so October. Mainly because I want to get this book as perfect as it can be, but also because I want to give my lovely editor enough time to edit. She has a life like we all do; plus she is an author herself, so I want to give her enough room and efficient time to work on the book with me.

So for now I am going to say that the book will be released at the end of October, if that changes and I am able to bring it back to the end of September then I will. But for now it's the end of October.

Another lesson now that I am self-publishing and sort of writing full-time, I think I am going to do what one of my favourite author duos do, which is write whatever book I am working on and then only set a release date when I am a chapter or so from the end. I hate disappointing people and with the luck I am having trying to be organized and thinking life will play along, well, I think it is for the best.

Good news; I have the cover for Blood Book Two, and naturally, the title. All I need to do - other than finish the book - is write the blurb - something I never look forward to. It's crazy that a blurb is harder to write than a story. Anyway, cover means cover reveal, which I plan to hold on Facebook mid-September; after Creak has been re-released.

Schedule for 2015

August 13th - Creak Cover Reveal on Facebook
Early September - Creak Release
Mid-September - Blood Book Two Cover Reveal Facebook
Late October - Blood Book Two Release

What Next?

As stated above I am no longer having gaps between books in series. So as soon as Blood Book Two has been released I will be working on Blood Book 1.5. Should I not start work straight away on the novella it will be due to a secret project that involves other authors, but it is still early so I will have to wait and see what is going on by October, but my hope is to get the Blood Series finished by the end of 2016, beginning of 2017. I have one or two standalone books stewing away and another series that I would like to work on. So, plenty of ideas and projects coming up in the next year or so, but for now keep your eyes peeled for details on the release of Creak and Blood Book Two.

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