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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

RBLT Tours: Airion by L.M. Halls

Title: Airion

Author: L.M. Halls 
Series: Carrie: A Magickal Psychic Series
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Self-Published 
Release Date: April 16 2015
Edition/Formats: Amazon Kindle


Have you ever felt like you had a mission in life?

Carrie always knew that she was born with a spiritual mission, but she had no idea what would that would mean.

In this supernatural thriller Carrie, who uses her psychic abilities to counsel others on their path and to guide young Wiccans, thought that this was what she was here to do. She was wrong.
Airion, a guide who before hid in shadows, comes to her to reveal the real nature of who she is and the mission she accepted before birth.

A dark entity wants the ley line running along the east coast and under Carrie’s home. Under the guise of a metaphysical cult, it takes the first steps to control this magickal energetic current. Can she grow fast enough as a witch to face the growing dark force she can no longer ignore? This battle could cost Carrie more than her life. And after meeting her soul mate, that is a price Carrie will not pay without a fight.

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She was a Wiccan, dedicated to the Goddess and protected by angels. She had felt the presence of evil before, even worked with clients who embraced their dark side to a dangerous degree. But she had always felt safe in her skills and practices, strong enough to deflect the energy of others.
In November, everything changed. One morning she entered the store to find the manager in an irritable state. Abbie was not a warm, fuzzy person on the best of days, but today she was ready for a battle. Carrie called ‘good morning’ with warmth and went into her reading room to set up her crystals, fabric, and incense. As she started some meditation music playing, Abbie began the interrogation.
“You must have had quite a class last night.”
“Oh, it was wonderful. They are such a beautiful group of people,” Carrie answered carefully.
Digging around Abbie’s brain, Carrie struggled to find the source of the issue. She remembered her kind students cleaning the floor, why did Abbie feel that they had left a mess?
“Did you use any of the store’s books last night?” Abbie asked with a knowing smile.
“No, just my own that I bring to class. Why do you ask?”
Abbie and the owner often used aggressive tactics to get employees to admit some policy violation. Carrie preferred to address direct questions and avoid the game of cat and mouse. If she had done something wrong, she wanted Abbie tell to her so that she could apologize and adjust her behavior. She looked at Abbie pleading for her to get to the point.
“Well, when I came in this morning all the books from the cases were on the floor.” Abbie looked at her for a flicker of guilt. Instead, Carrie ran back into the store to look at the floor.
“Oh, I already put them back up. There is nothing to clean up.” Abbie was still looking for some sign of wrongdoing.
“We did a meditation for peace last night. We even vacuumed the floor to make sure we didn’t leave cookie crumbs…” Carrie stammered, and her fear was palpable. Her mind went immediately to the Dark Wizard’s rumored deal with evil that had somehow included the store, but she shut her mouth.
Carrie’s fear reinforced Abbie’s sense of authority, and she seemed surprised when Carrie suggested that they review the security cameras to see what happened. Abbie, satisfied, shrugged the incident off.
“Well, it was just our ghost then,” Abbie said laughing. “Sometimes things just fall over or move in the night.”
Carrie could not hide her discomfort, but Abbie knew that ghosts did not frighten Carrie.
“You know we’re built on the ley line,” Abbie added. “Maybe there was some kind of tremor last night.”
Yes, there was, thought Carrie, remembering the way her hand quivered on the floor. In silence, and with intent, she saged the store and then burned an unusual amount of frankincense.
Odd girl, thought Abbie. Nice enough, though.
When Carrie settled back in her room, she burned more incense and an Archangel Michael candle. Sure, there were coincidences, but the sense of unease from the previous night grew. She had some time before her first appointment and retreated into meditations of peace, not answers. She would get those soon enough, but right now she needed to be able to focus on clients.
As the day went on, it became clear that last night’s class would be Carrie’s last. 

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Author Information:

L. M. Halls has been a lifelong student of both the occult and literature. As a Wiccan priestess and spiritual counselor she works with individuals to develop the tools to build a strong sense of self, even when life has presented extraordinary challenges.
As an author she enjoys strong protagonists confronting the big life questions in landscapes that allow for some fun. By necessity her work addresses the darker side of the human soul but there is always enough beauty to balance what might otherwise seem a dire human condition.
Halls is committed to animals and the environment and when she and her partner are not playing with their three rescues, they are exploring the woods and tinkering in the apothecary.

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