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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

RBTL Tours: Sonar the Cyclone by B Truly

Title: Sonar the Cyclone

Author: B Truly 

Series: The Sonar Series (2)

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance, SciFi
Publisher: Self Published 
Release Date: July 3 2015
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print


Is your destiny determined by what the future has foretold? Or is fate deemed in the hands of what you behold?

The Royal 4 are now back on their home territory of Nazari, determined to get things back to normal. Syira’s forbidden love is being held captive. She is hell-bent on fighting for him despite the immense obstacles. She must find a way to convince her race that Kadeem is not dangerous. Their threat lies from deeper within.
Shiray has accepted her past and is moving forward with her life, but it comes back to haunt her tenfold. That all changes when she stumbles across the truth. Now, she must pick up the pieces of her shattered life.
They are in the calm but know when they approach the dirty side of the Cyclone storm, terrible things will unravel. The future is revealed and they get a glimpse of Fate’s course. Time is not on their side. They must attempt to change their destiny or their world will be doomed.

 ~ * ~

Chapter 3

*   *   * Shiray *   *   *

 Holy shit! My mind screamed as I watched Syira use her telekinesis on Petar. He soared several feet, and hit his head on the column so hard it knocked him out. Silence filled the room as everyone stared in shock. Then the crowd dispersed as a truckload of guards charged in. Syira’s eyes were tight slits, and I’d never seen her so angry. But Petar deserved it. Who did this Kadanan think he was? I would speak to Bryan about having him removed from his position. Petar was not a man who should have any kind of control. Bryan sprinted over to me.
“What’s going on?” He glanced over at Petar, whose comrade was trying to wake him up.
“Petar got out of line and Syira put him down.”
By this time Nile, John, and several others arrived and everyone was talking at once. I went over to Syira. Her hands were clenched in fists and she was shaking. I pulled her away from the chaos. Kadeem and his guards were on our heels. I didn’t know what the outcome would be, but I didn’t want Syira anywhere near Petar when he woke up. He might not live if he opened his mouth again.
Later that night, I sat on my bed after taking a steaming hot shower. My head still spun from Syira’s emotional breakdown. She had ranted for hours then began crying, and all of her insecurities about her relationship set back in. I finally calmed her down and was able to reassure her that everything would be all right. There were bound to be a few Kadanans who threw a fit. Bryan came in and sat next to me.
“How’s Syira?”
“She’s better. I’ve been with her since this morning. She’s skeptical, but she needs to understand this is going to take time for our people to grasp.”
“I just left the conference my father called with the entire palace congregation.”
“How did it go?”
“Well, I don’t think anyone else will be questioning my father’s authority again or challenging Syira.” Bryan grinned.
“Yeah, I think they saw how lethal your sister can be. Petar should be thankful all he got was a knot on his head.”
“He’s damn lucky I didn’t hear him talk to her in that manner. Nevertheless, I’m still pissed he did. Juda and I put Sonar’s fear in him. His rank has been revoked and he better be glad we didn’t throw him out on his ass.”
“So you really don’t think anyone else will cause problems.”
“They might, but they better think twice before they do. There will be severe consequences for trying to question my father.”
“That’s a relief. I’ve heard rumors. Some of our people agree with Petar and think Kadeem’s a spy.”
“But you trust him, right?”
“Yes, because Syira does. If Kadeem really wanted to hurt her, he would have done it by now. I believe he truly loves her. You can see it in his eyes.”
“Then I will trust him, too. You have great instincts.”
I lay back in the bed. Bryan took off his shoes, shirt, and stripped his pants.
His chest was chiseled and the red highlights in his chestnut hair glistened in the light. I took a deep breath as he climbed into bed. I switched the lamp off and turned on my side. He pulled me close to him. Minutes later, I drifted off and felt lips brush against my neck. Bryan rarely lay in bed without touching me. And on any other night I would be all over it, but my temples were pounding.
“Hmm.…” He kissed me again. A few more kisses and I would give in.
“My head is killing me.”
“I know something that works great for a headache.”
I could take one guess what remedy he meant but didn’t dare ask. “Behave, or I’ll make you sleep somewhere else.” He laughed. We both knew that was a lie. He placed his hands on my temples and massaged them. “Umm… thank you.”
“Get some rest, Sweetheart.”
His hands were magic and it wasn’t long before I fell under the abyss.
Two months passed and things had settled down. After what Syira had done to Petar without even touching him, no one in their right mind asked her any more questions.
Sharaf and Tazman still escorted Kadeem, but most seemed more at ease. They figured if he was going to cause problems, he would have already. The ones who were dubious kept their distance. But praise Sonar, there had been no more mishaps.
Kadeem was a great fighter. He taught us combat skills and we exchanged some with him. He also shared technology about his race with our specialist. Bryan said it was helping us to advance our equipment and computers. Our ships and computers would now be equivalent to theirs. And our laser guns were already stronger with the black diamonds in them we retrieved from Earth. King Julius was quite pleased. Kadeem was becoming an extension of our family. I definitely felt he was brought to Syira for a reason and their child would be the first of a united stand, a mixture of both races. I felt it would be a key ingredient in our shared future.
Gazing into the mirror of my vanity, I combed my hair into a pony tail. I debated on what to do since we didn’t have training or meetings. Bryan waltzed into the room.
“Hi,” I said. “What are your plans for today?”
“I’m thinking about hanging out with some of the guys in the recreation room. Is that okay with you? What did you have in mind?”
“I’m not sure, but that’s fine with me. I’ll see if Syira wants to hang out. We can spend time together tonight.”
“Sounds good. I’m going to ask Kadeem to come with us. He is getting along with everyone and fitting in. We need to involve him in more things. It’s obvious he and Syira will be together for a while. And he is the father of my niece or nephew.”
“I think they are going to be together for life. You’ve seen how they look at each other.”
“I have. It reminds me of us.”
“It’s a good idea to include him. Are you going to tell Nile beforehand? He’s gotten better around him, but you know he has a smart ass mouth.”
“No, I haven’t told him.”
“He tends to say what is on his mind regardless of what anyone might think. You don’t want him saying inappropriate things to Kadeem, causing tension. Kadeem seems pretty mild mannered and he respects everyone. But I don’t think he would stand there and let Nile insult him.”
“You’re right. I’m going to talk to him and tell him to keep his mouth shut. I will tell Father first, so he knows not to start anything.” He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss before he left.
Syira, do you want to hang? Bryan’s going with some of the guys and he’s also going to ask Kadeem to join them.
That’s nice of him. I hope it won’t be a problem without me there.
Bryan is going to speak with Nile beforehand.
I’ll let Kadeem know. He will like being included.
Things have been going smoothly and it’s time for the next step.
Bryan and I skipped breakfast and lunch. I’m starving now. 
Really? I wonder why?
Take a wild guess, smarty pants. We weren’t hungry for breakfast and we got kind of busy for lunch.
Lol. I’m hungry, too. Let’s meet in the glass parlor. Will you two ever slow down? You’ve been married for years and it actually seems worse now.
Oh, like you can talk. You two don’t seem any better. When you guys don’t think anyone is looking, your hands are all over each other. But I love watching you together and seeing you so happy.
That’s sweet of you to say. We have always had a hard time keeping our hands to ourselves.
Well, that’s a good thing. See you in a bit.

*   *   * Syira *   *   *

Kadeem left with Bryan and I went to meet Shi. She sat in a purple Victorian-style chair, stunning as usual. Her dark brown, wavy hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She had grown it out and it hung half way down her back. Her makeup was applied lightly. Shi never wore heavy makeup, nor did she need to. She had natural beauty. She sported a long sleeve cream colored sweater and charcoal silk texture pants. My chest tightened as I recalled the vision of her death. I took a deep breath. I would not let what I’d seen decide what the future held. I believed in a higher power. Tara was able to show me for a reason, and it had to be to change the outcome. For now, I would put it in the back of my mind until I had more to go on.
She gleamed at me as I sat down in my long, black dress. I wasn’t feeling very pretty now-a-days. I was all stomach. It was huge. Kadeem told me I was still gorgeous, but it was his duty to say nice things. Shi was eating a sandwich and crumbs were falling from her mouth.
“Hey, you look great in that dress.”
“Yeah right, you sound like Kadeem. I’m as big as a house. I can’t even see my feet anymore.”
“Only your stomach is big. You haven’t gained weight anywhere else. You don’t even look pregnant from behind. You just look like you’re carrying a basketball on your belly,” she said, laughing.
I rolled my eyes. “Well, thanks. It’s not fun being this far pregnant. It’s hard to breathe and I can only lie on my side.”
“You only have one more month; hang in there.”
“Easy for you to say. Just wait until you are eight months pregnant.”
“Geez! You pregnant Kadanan women are grouchy and sensitive. I still love you, though.”
“You’re only telling me I look great to make me feel better.”
“Oh, Syira, relax. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”
Shi was a very sincere person. All these hormones were making me extra sensitive. I would be glad when I felt like myself again. I didn’t like having trouble breathing when I laid down, and swollen feet. But that was part of pregnancy. I was also terrified of labor pain, but it couldn’t be avoided. On the plus side, I did love feeling my baby move inside of me, and the bond we already shared. It was the feeling of love that a mother had for her child.
“Sorry I’m so grouchy.”
“It’s okay. I have to deal with you every day. I don’t take it personally. So, I’m sure you’re pleased with the progress Kadeem is making.”
“We both are. We always thought if anyone ever found out about us it would be disastrous. I had my doubts, especially with the Petar altercation. Although, that could have been a lot worse. But it’s going better than I expected. Most male Kadanans don’t seem frightened or intimidated by him anymore. Some even speak to him.”
“That’s really good.”
“What is happening that I don’t like are the women. They are actually checking him out and swooning. The majority of their cheeks flush when they see him, and they have desire in their eyes. I want to slap them. Can you believe it?” I asked, frustrated.
She smiled. “Actually, I can. He’s extremely handsome.”
“You think so, too?”
“Um… yes, who wouldn’t? I mean, I’m not interested in him in that way by all means, but Kadeem’s … different. He has a raw, powerful aura around him and he’s way above the average on the sexual appeal scale.”
“I guess you’re right, but I can’t stand it.”
“You’ll get used to it. I went through the same thing with Bryan. With men like them, women are
going to gawk. They still do with your brother, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. It makes me feel proud because he belongs to me. Kadanan women are more respectful than humans, though. No one has ever disrespected me.”
“I don’t know how I’ll get used to it.”
“Try to look at it from a different perspective. Some of the men are speaking to him, and a lot of women want him. But it all means acceptance.”
“That’s true, but I still don’t like it.” She changed the subject, probably to get my mind off of the situation.
“You and Kadeem had been courting for several months before we went to Earth, right?”
“Well, you’ve never told me how you guys actually met and the journey of how you fell in love. I would really like to hear it, if you don’t mind telling me.”
Hmm, interesting. I had never told the story to anyone because I never had anyone to talk to about it. Shi had found out I was seeing him and had only supported me because she loved me. It was a dangerous time, the beginning of the war. Then we went to Earth, and I lost my memory. By the time we got back we were in a full-force war. It would be nice to tell her our story, although some parts were painful to remember. She waited patiently for me to answer her.
“I have never gotten a chance to tell anyone how we fell in love. It would be nice to talk about it, and share my experience with you.”
“I can’t wait to hear it.”
I finished my pastry and took a sip of tea. I put the glass down and picked my feet up, placing them on the stool in front of me. I needed to get comfortable, because this was going to be a long story. Shi sat back into her chair and pulled her feet beside her.
“All right, I am curious as to what your outlook will be. Some of it is jubilant, but most of it is painful.”
“Are you sure you’re okay with telling me? I don’t want to upset you.”
“I want to share it with you. I first met him in early October, the year before we left for Earth. It was right before the war officially began.”
My mind drifted back and I let my story unfold.

To read the next chapter head on over to Between the Pages.

~ * ~

Author Information:

I have wanted to be an author since I was fifteen years old and grateful to have accomplished this dream. I have three wonderful children and a husband who defines the person I am today. I work full-time as an Ultrasound technologist in Sugarland, Texas.

I have very vivid dreams and a wild imagination. I like to read, watch tons of TV shows, and movies. I’m addicted to romance and get a thrill out of action and suspense. I write New Adult Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Paranormal-Romance.

In the Sonar series it was fun to explore different elements of Sci-fi romance and create various realms of powers for my characters. I want to show my readers that Sci-fi can be fun, but also traumatic. I hope you guys enjoy the Sonar Series. 

Author Links:

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