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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Where is Blood Book 2?

Due to the lack of updates and promotion on here, my website, facebook, and all my other online homes I think it might be safe to say that what I am about to say will come as no surprise.... Blood Book 2 will not be releasing this month.

*hangs head in shame*

Since my last update post, which you can read here, things have gotten... I'm not going to say worse, because the things that have happened across the last two and half months - as unwelcoming and hard as they have been - are indeed fixable - and I have been working hard to fix these little bumps in the road. While trying to deal with life and all that is going on at the present moment, I have been adding words to Blood Book 2, but unfortunately due to these outside problems I haven't been able to meet my deadline. I hate that I haven't. I hate that I am having to tell you - yet again - that the date has been pushed back for Blood Book 2, especially because some of you are eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the Blood Series.

When I made all these decisions for my life back in May I was under the conclusion that things would have worked out the way I had planned - foolish thought really - which included that I would now be super organized in regards to my writing. My writing was why I made these decisions. You see I had this idea that I would roll out of bed each day and just make words flow. I never included the need to eat or go for bathroom break, off chance visits from family or friends, phone calls, bad or unwanted news that may arrive, how I would feel on a day to day basis etc. Reality wasn't included in this plan. And although I am not a disorganized person - because I'm not - things just haven't clicked and gone as smoothly as I would have liked.

So firstly I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for the delay with this book.
Secondly, I am making a promise to both myself and you, my wonderful readers, that I will never set a release day or hint at a release date for any of my upcoming projects until I am on the last chapter of the story.
Thirdly, Blood Book 2 will be released before the end of 2015. Even if it is New Years Eve. December 31st. This book will be released. My god, it will.

I have - by the look of my notes - got about roughly 5 - possibly 6 - chapters left to write. The End is in sight. I am almost there. Once I have sent the manuscript off to my editor for edits I will be able to sort the cover reveal - prizes and fun ;) - and set a release date for real.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of rubbish news. Thank you for your patience. I hope when you do read this book you will feel it was worth the wait.

Have a wonderful week. And keep your eyes peeled for my victory "I'm finished" post. It will come. :)

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