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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Blood Secrets is available to pre-order!

Only a day and a half to go until Blood Secrets (Blood Series: Book Two) will be available to download. The book is already available for pre-order for those of you who would like your copy to be on your ereader as soon as you wake up on Friday.

I'm excited and nervous and part of me can't believe the book is releasing this Friday. Everything is very surreal at the moment, but I'm sure my stomach will be in knots by Friday morning. This book has been a long time in the works - which you all know - and my hope is simply that those of you who have read and enjoyed the first books in the series will find this book worth the wait. That is all I'm going to say, because I don't want to jinx myself. :p

Start the Blood Series for FREE!
If you're new to the Blood Series, but think you might enjoy the books then download your copy of She-Wolf (Blood Series: Prequel) for FREE today.

And in preparation for the long awaited sequel, Cranberry Blood (Blood Series: Book One) is available for the bargain celebratory price of $2.99 until April 30th. Thereafter it will go back to its former price of $3.99.

Barnes& Noble: http://bit.ly/1Rsetwn
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/1OsQOvE

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Blood Secrets
Blood Series: Book Two


When your life is messed up to begin with, how much worse can it really get?

Heather Ryan's life has never been simple. The latest in a long line of descendants who have made it their mission to hunt down and slay the Ancient Vampire, Marko Pavel, she is also the first born Infected. Up until recently, the biggest downside to living with the Vampyrric Virus was simply that she craved blood, but after receiving a DVD from her deceased Grandmother Sofia and being kidnapped with friend and so called guardian Werewolf, Brendan Daniels, she quickly discovers that she is also the inspiration behind the Vampires’ attempt to create a whole new breed of super monsters—Hybrids.

The truth comes at a cost, but how much does one have to sacrifice to gain success?

Following the breadcrumbs left by her psychic Grandmother, Heather and Brendan find themselves in new territory. Venice is where Heather hopes to find Marie, the second Bloodling of Marko, along with Brendan's three taken Pack members. But an old Peace Pact between the Italian Pack and the Colony means they are left hunting blind, and due to the Italian Alpha's reluctance to believe their story of kidnap and experimentation on Loup-Garous, time is running out. So when help comes from an unlikely source, they have no choice but to accept.

All families have secrets, but blood can't lie.

Caught up in an intricate and complicated scheme spun by the one she trusts the most and the friend of her enemy, Heather soon discovers that she is the pawn in a plan she would never have been able to conceive. But how many of her new allies were in on the game, to begin with?

This title contains explicit language, violence, and some scenes of a sexual nature.

Length: 127,000 words | Content: Urban Fantasy| Publisher: Elizabeth Morgan

 ** Download your copy of Blood Secrets (Blood Series: Book Two) at the celebratory release price $3.49. Thereafter it will revert to the price of $4.49. **

Buy Links:
ARe: http://bit.ly/1W9We4s
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
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Blood Secrets will also be available in print from Amazon and Barnes&Noble within the next two weeks.

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~ Eve ~

Fear, decay, stale earth—scents so foreign, yet recognisable, clouded the air. It was dark. It felt like it had been dark for days. Dark and murky. My dreams had been clouded, slices of colour filtering through the fog every now and again, but never staying long enough for me to grasp hold of. I’d had the strangest notion of being weightless, yet of moving and swaying, and every now and again, I would remember I was sleeping... then the fear crept in. I shouldn’t be asleep. I shouldn’t be afraid.
But I was afraid. So very afraid.
“She’s waking up.”
A soft feminine voice caressed my ears.
“She would be safer staying asleep.”
Another female voice, rich and assertive... Dabria? No, this female’s accent wasn’t right, nor was her tone.
“If they had wanted her to remain asleep, they would have kept up with the injections,” the first voice replied.
Injections? My Wolf stirred only to whimper as a dull pain began to throb in my back. And as if I had just triggered an alarm through one simple movement and one observation of pain, my entire body began to throb, but why was I aching?
“She’s been asleep long enough. They will want to take blood samples from her, before—” the second voice cracked.
“Da—?” A pitiful croak left me, and I became aware that my throat was raw. The slow rub of my sandpaper tongue against the roof of my mouth and the seam of my ridiculously dry lips did nothing to help.
“Here.” The female with the soft voice spoke as I felt a hand cradle my head and something cold touched my lips. “Drink.”
My Wolf growled low in the recesses of my mind—a warning that wouldn’t even project through my body but ended up being an odd rattle in my aching chest. I pressed my head further into the cradle of the stranger’s small hand, my back growing rigid against the cold, hard surface I suddenly realized I lay upon.
Had I passed out? Possibly hit my head on the floor? Was I being rude to... I inhaled—decay. It was overwhelming and indescribable. The room stank of mould and stagnant water, rotten earth, damp stone, and Loups. There were so many Loups in this place, yet none of their scents were recognisable, but their fear... it was potent, unmistakable, but there was a hint of something twisting throughout the air, an aroma I had smelled once, knew once, but couldn’t seem to recall how or why I knew it. But it didn’t matter because their fear hammered in the atmosphere. Why were they so afraid? Why am I?
“There’s no need to be afraid.”
If I had the ability, I thought I might’ve snorted at her choice of words. Was her sense of smell damaged? I was momentarily confused when a snort did meet my ears, but I quickly realized it had come from the other side of the room. From the other female who had spoken?
“My name is Jennifer. I mean you no harm.” The soft-toned female continued, her accent breaking through the more she talked. “But you must drink. You have been asleep for days now. You will be dehydrated.”
I’d been asleep for days? Why had I? And how did she know this? More importantly, who was she? Where was I?
Questions I so desperately tried to speak, and although I could feel my lips moving, my words came out as broken whispers that I myself had trouble hearing.
“Here.” She pressed the cup more firmly against my lips.
A trickle of water ran along the seam of my mouth. The first splash of cold liquid was enough encouragement. It took more effort than I wanted to realize to lift my arms, but after a moment, I managed to close my hands around the... tin cup? And with Jennifer carefully holding my head, I didn’t stop drinking until the cup was drained. And then, I proceeded to cough my guts up.
“Easy now.” She lowered my head, slipping her hand from underneath. “It’s alright.”
Patting my chest, I took a deep breath, before slapping my tongue against the roof of my mouth a couple of times.
“Where... am... I?” My throat burned with the effort. I gulped, hoping my newly formed saliva would help. “Who are... you?”
“In answer to your first question, you’re somewhere you don’t want to be, trust me,” the second female replied.
Her accent was stronger than Jennifer’s, but I couldn’t place it. I couldn’t place either of their accents. My brain just couldn’t register anything beyond the fact that somehow, I had ended up in this place with Loups I didn’t know, and I couldn’t remember how I had gotten here.
“And my name is Tina. I’m sure by now, you are fully aware that Jennifer and I are Loups, also.”
Yes, they were Loup-Garou. Their scents were stronger than the others. Although, the scent of all these women still couldn’t stamp out the dreadful stench that clouded the air.
I rubbed at my eyes, opening them slowly. Thankfully, the lighting in the room was low but even so, everything that lay before my hooded gaze stayed blurry.
“I don’t understand.” I took a ragged breath. Why is it such an effort to talk? “How did I get here?”
“Difficult to say,” Jennifer replied. “I myself am a little hazy on the facts.”
“You were most likely brought by boat,” Tina commented. “You’re Scottish, right? If they have brought you straight from the United Kingdom, well, I would imagine it might have taken a few days. There were others with you, two Werewolves. I’ve never known them to bring a trio in at the same time, so boat would have been easiest, which might explain why you have been out of it for as long as you have. They would have had to keep giving you monkshood so you stayed out until they got you here. Christ, your system must be flooded—”
Tina,” Jennifer warned.
“She should be thankful she’s been out for as long as she has.”
“Thankful?” I bit out the words as my sight began to clear. My stomach turned at the knowledge I had been sedated with monkshood, a vile substance that was poisonous to Werewolves and Loup-Garous, and could be fatal depending on the amount given. No doubt it was the high dosage that was causing my stomach to churn.
“I don’t know why they didn’t wake you as soon as you arrived here about six days ago, but you’ve had six days of peace, of unawareness. The down side is that there will now be enough monkshood in your system for you to remain docile and weak, and that’s how they like us. Weak so you can’t put up a decent fight, and docile so they can do whatever they want with you.”
Panic swelled in my chest. Who could do what with me, to me?
“Enough, Tina.”
“You may want to sugar-coat things for her, Jen, but I won’t.” Her voice sounded strained; bitter, disgusted, even a little sad.
My temples began to throb. I opened my eyes and looked at the space above me. A ceiling, low, concrete, dirty, and half covered in ivy. My focus shifted lower to the wall—patches of faded red bricks, most of which were corroded at the edges, and sheets of grey granite which I could only presume used to cover the wall completely. I turned to find a brunette girl kneeling on the floor to the left of me. Her olive-green eyes were weighed down with exhaustion and her skin was so pale, her features so drawn.
Her smile was faint and pitiful. “What’s your name?”
“Oh, that’s classic.” Tina laughed. “Dawn of a new creation, and we have an Eve in our midst.”
My jaw tensed as I twisted my head and looked at the dark-skinned female sitting on the platform at the other side of the room. Her black hair was cropped, her honey gaze sharp as she stared at me. Her clothes were dirty, tattered at the edges and caked in mud and patches of... blood. My gaze snapped to the wall behind her. No, not the wall, the bars. Thick, rusted iron bars, which separated us from... “Oh, good God.”
Despite the burning agony stretching throughout my body, I grasped the sides of the metal platform I lay on and pushed myself up. My gaze fixated on the cage next door to us, which contained four women, and then to the one after. I looked out to the other side of the long, narrow room we were all stuck in, my eyes widening at the sight of another three cages lining the other side of the room, every cell inhabited by three or four Loups.
I twisted round, pushing myself to my feet. A whimper escaped me at the burn that stretched through my legs. I stumbled, my hands wrapping around the bars. Tears stung my eyes.
“What is this? Where am I?” I struggled to see the end of the room, as there were few lights and the ones dotted in alternate cells were dim and covered by a metal mesh. I pressed my face against the bars, ignoring the stab and scrape of rust against my skin. I could just make out a closed metal door at the far right of the room. Although dull in shade, it looked new and so out of place fitted into the crumbling bricks.
“Your guess would be as good as ours. As for what this is...” Jennifer’s words died.
I looked over my shoulder. My focus dropped to her hands, sprawled on her slightly bloated belly.
“Like I said, it’s the dawning of a new age.” Tina’s words were a harsh laugh.
My gaze turned to her. She remained seated, back pressed against the bars. My eyes widened at the sight of her unmistakably pregnant stomach.
A tear fell down her cheek. “And you’re going to help us give birth to it.”

 ~ * ~

Interested in reading more? Pre-order your copy today!

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