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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Heading in to 2017!

I can't believe how fast 2016 has gone, but unlike 2015 which saw huge changes and stress; 2016 has been different. There have been equally big changes; they have been better and smoother, but they have only just caught up to me this month.

This year my family welcomed a new addition; my beautiful little nephew who is a ray of sunshine and by far the best gift we have all had this last year.

I have had two job positions this year; this second one a position I didn't ever see myself in, but is proving to be both interesting and fun. I am very thankful for this job as it has meant the worries I had last year are behind me now, but it was a position that I had to prove I could do in order to keep the job. Thankfully I did prove myself and I can breathe a lot easier in 2017.

I had the opportunity to organize and hold an author signing in November this year, and it went great. So great that I'm doing it again next year. It's very rare that I am able to go to signing events, but when I do I always feel elevated. Being around other authors and so many readers.... It is a huge reminder that despite my day job I am an author and I am so grateful that I get to write and share stories with well, the world. Every signing is a reminder that writing is important to me even though I usual feel like a bad author because I'm not writing or producing enough books a year. I love writing. I love creating. And even if it is just a book a year; i am still writing and sending one book a year out into the world.

I have made new friends this year - fellow authors included - and by doing so these friendships have opened up new opportunities for me. I'm very thankful for all the new people in my life.

I continue to gain and meet new readers, which I am unconditionally thankful for, because you're all awesome.

This year saw the release of Blood Series: Book Two, Blood Secrets. (Finally!) Those of you who have read the second book, I do hope you enjoyed it. Thank you to those of you who have reviewed it, your thoughts are always appreciated. I have already had a couple of readers ask about the third book and how they hope it wont take two years to be released. This is my hope also. All writers are different; we have different lives, we write differently, think differently. I wish I could write a book a month; it would be fantastic, but that is not how it works for me. In saying that, I want to have the book finished as soon as I can because I don't want to leave you all hanging, but I can't make promises because I have no idea what this next year will hold. Plus, I have a novella to write before Book 3 will be written and released.

So the plan for 2017 is to write the Blood Series novella: Book 1.5, which has the working title Cross My Heart. I also plan to re-release/self-publish two previous titles this year, and then make a start on the third and final book in the Blood Series which will be titled Souls Blood. The aim is for Book 3 to be released in 2018 at the latest.

You can find more details/hints on what projects I am hoping to work on across the next couple years on my website: www.e-morgan.com

Other than that I have no idea what next year has in store. My aim is just to be healthier, happier, and now I am in a securer position - in all senses - do what matters most  to me; write more.

I hope you all have a fantastic night whatever you may be doing and I shall see you in 2017!

Happy New Year!

Elizabeth xx

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