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Monday, 12 June 2017

RBTL Tours: The Master of Blackmoor by Julie Shelton

Title: The Master of Blackmoor
Author: Julie Shelton
Series: Standalone Title
Genre: Erotic Gothic Regency Romance w/ BDSM Elements M/F
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: May 23 2017
Edition/Formats: 1st Edition/Format~ eBook
Source: Author for Book Promotion


Danielle Dulac has just been sacked after spurning her employer’s lecherous advances. Penniless and without references, she is desperate to acquire the position of governess at Esterly House on the bleak Yorkshire moors. When the mail coach slides into a ditch in the middle of a blizzard, she is forced to seek shelter at the nearest house, Blackmoor Hall.

But visitors are not welcome at Blackmoor Hall and she gets sent to the stables to shelter from the storm. She is jerked out of sound slumber by a snow-blasted horse bursting into the stall, practically trampling her beneath his slashing hooves.

Anthony Markham, the Duke of Blackmoor, has just returned home after six months of dissolute living in London. He is surly, sarcastic, enigmatic, and hostile. And the most sensuous man Danielle has ever met. The attraction between them is instantaneous, combustible…and forbidden. Though a descendant of French nobility, Danielle is still a mere governess and Anthony Markham is a Duke.

When the position at Esterly House falls through, she has nowhere to go and faces a bleak future. To her shock, it’s Anthony Markham who comes to her rescue, offering her a position as governess to his four-year-old son, Geoffrey. Against her better judgment, she accepts.
She soon discovers that the Master of Blackmoor is haunted by a dark and tragic past filled with lies, betrayal and death. Unfortunately, the past is not over. Evil stalks Blackmoor Hall. The danger is escalating and all the clues point to the Duke himself.

As the passion between Anthony and Danielle rages out of control, so does the peril they face. Will they solve this mystery in time? Or will it wind up destroying them both?

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“Do you trust me, my darling wife?”
She licked lips that had suddenly gone dry as apprehension twisted her insides. “Aye, husband. Why?”
“There were other things in that book we both read.”
“You mean, Memoirs of a Courtesan?”
“Yes. And others like it. Things that we haven’t mentioned before. Things I like to do.”
“Which things?” she asked, although she was pretty sure she knew. Wanton things. Wicked things. Potentially dangerous things. And as her pulses fluttered, her belly did a slow roll and she was forced to admit to herself that some of those things had intrigued her.
He didn’t answer her. Instead he simply continued as if she hadn’t spoken. “Do you trust me enough to let me cover your eyes?” He held up his hand to show the length of his snow-white cravat draped over his fingers. “With this?”
Mouth parched, she licked her lips again, the breath frozen in her lungs. She stared at the scarf as if transfixed. He wants to blindfold me? Berating herself for even considering such a dangerous thing, she was, indeed, considering it. Apprehension warred with anticipation as she wavered for less than two seconds.
“Yes.” It was more of a croak than a word.
Anthony approached her, lifting the scarf and placing it over her eyes, tying it at the back of her head. She sat, hands in her lap, her breathing shallow, waiting for his next order. He stepped back, looking down at her. The sight of his beautiful Danielle, submitting to him, trusting him enough to allow herself to be helpless before him, brought a lump to his throat and a painful tightness in his chest. He could hardly wait to see her bound hand and foot to their bed, waiting for him to ravish her.
“Scoot up onto the bed and lie on your back,” he directed, his voice as hoarse as if it had been ground between two millstones. As she scrambled up to the head of the bed to do his bidding, he climbed onto the mattress and crawled up behind her. “Do you trust me, Danielle,” he asked again.
She swallowed. Hard. “Yes, Anthony, I trust you.”
“Enough to let me bind your hands?”
That little prickle of anticipation became a roaring fire, setting every nerve ending ablaze as she absorbed the implication of his words. She would be completely helpless, totally at his mercy, forced to rely on his good judgment.
“Yes,” she whispered.
His heart twisted. Her faith in him just…demolished him. With great tenderness, he tied a scarf around each wrist and tethered them to the posts at the ends of the headboard. To see her lying there, bound and blindfolded, submissive to his will… Tears stung his eyes and he had to press his lips together to keep them from trembling. “God’s blood, my sweet wife. You have no idea how beautiful you look. Submitting to me like this… It’s a gift I will treasure always. As I treasure you. Do you believe I would never hurt you? That I will give you nothing but pleasure?”
“Yes, my love.”

“Spread your legs.”

Author Information:

From fairies in the garden at age 9 to handcuffs in the boudoir at age 60, Julie’s writing has run the gamut. In between she managed to graduate cum laude with a B.A. in French from Georgia State University followed by a Master’s Degree in Library Science from Emory University. Having thus procured these two necessary but ultimately irrelevant pieces of paper, she
launched a successful career as a children’s librarian, followed by an even more successful career as a professional storyteller and puppeteer. She published Kidstuff, an award-winning, monthly newsletter, as well as a book, Puppets, Poems and Songs, both major language arts resource for early childhood

At various points in her life, if asked what she would like to be, her answer would have been (in rough chronological order, since some of these lofty ambitions overlapped): a fairy, a princess, a ballerina, Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, a paleontologist, Scarlett O’Hara, thin and beautiful, an
actress, and a writer. Now, at age 73, her answer to that question would most
likely be, “younger”. 
Followed closely, of course by bestselling author. Oh, and a princess. Some dreams die hard.

Now retired, Julie lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

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