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Sunday, 27 August 2017

"Didn't mean to scare you." #SexySnippets from Truth or Dare?

It's Sunday so it's time for a Sexy Snippet. Today's 7 sentences are taken from my upcoming release, Truth or Dare? It's a little over 7 sentences so I do apologize.

To set the scene Cameron has suggest a tequila fueled game of Truth or Dare, so Dani has gone in to the kitchen to get glasses, limes and salt....

~ * ~

What the hell was I doing? It was late. I had every right to kick them out. Ben and Cam would tease me, but fuck them. This was my apartment. I could do whatever the hell I wanted. I didn’t have to play stupid games.
Taking a knife from the block, I halved each lime and then again until they were in segments before throwing them in a nearby, semi-clean bowl.
I wandered over to my glass cupboard and reached up on tiptoes to find the cluster of tumblers. A large hand landed on my hip. An incoherent squeak left me as every muscle in my body went skywards. I gripped the cupboard shelf with a harsh curse. “What the fuck?”
Fingertips skimmed the band of my jeans. Solid muscle pressed me into the kitchen counter. “Didn't mean to scare you.” Amusement lit Cameron’s voice. “Just wanted to see if you needed any help?”

Do you dare tell the truth?

A tequila fuelled game of Truth or Dare is not Dani’s idea of fun, but when Cameron, the jerk who rejected her a year ago is the one provoking her into playing, how can she say no? Not that he’s giving her the option in the first place.

Bravado compels her forward, but when the dares get physical and their friends leave them alone, Cameron’s questions turn to her feelings for him, and unfortunately, lying is not part of the game.

Will a dare give Dani the courage she needs to tell Cameron the truth?

Note: Truth or Dare? is a re-release; the story is the same only the cover and the sale price has changed.

~ * ~

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  1. Naughty Cameron, lol. Great snippet, Elizabeth :-)

    1. He is naughty... just the way I like him ;) lol

      Thanks, Doris. :)