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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Teaser Tuesday: Cross My Heart

Every Tuesday I will share a teaser from Work in Progress' only.
So it will be teasers from all unpublished manuscripts. Nothing from already published books.

This weeks teaser follows on from last weeks, which you can read here. Both are taken from the next book in my Blood Series, Cross My Heart, Book 1.5

~ * ~

Then again my captors had drilled this life changing fact into me repeatedly since the moment I had first woke up and had refused to believe; refused to drink, which they had loved. Tormenting was apparently no fun if your victim was accepting of their situation. It had been somewhat hard, not to mention physically painful, to digest, especially since I couldn’t recall a flash of fangs or being filled with terror as one of the undead pounced on and fed from me; nor could I remember being fed blood or the agony of death or waking up reborn; all of which was suppose to take place according to Elle.
“So maybe I lied. Maybe I was wrong.”
My focus stayed fixed on that corner of the room; to her form which became more solid with each second. You would never admit you were wrong.
“Maybe not when we were kids, but maybe now I would admit such a thing; especially since a Vampire didn’t feed off you and baptize you with its blood. That certainly didn’t happen to you, did it?”
No, all I could remember was rain.... a dark street; Freddie singing the Spice Girls, ‘If you wanna be my lover’ severely off key beside me as we stumbled back to the hostel in London. Being knocked to the ground; blood trickling into my eyes... Freddie on the floor next to me, someone in black pining him down. Darkness, followed by flashes of light and faces; being naked and so freaking cold. The glint of needle tips and ... fuck... the pain; slices into my ball sack, and then my heart; hammering so quickly and so damn hard, as if it were about to explode out of my chest or just give up on me all together... and then a whole lot of nothing before I woke up in this dark, dank room.
The Hollywood take on being turned into a creature of the night hadn’t happened, and sure, I had always though Elle had been crazy, obsessed with Vampires, but in a cute, supernatural fanatic, kind of way since she went into fascinating details which were so elaborate it was always like being told a scary story. I had always believed her over-active imagination to be just that; while we played in the fields and forests near our home town she wished we were roaming through a more dangerous and thrilling world. A world she had been invested in since we were eight; a world I humoured her with because she was my best friend and had enough crazy stuff going on at home but....
 “Vampires exist, Than. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in them. Lack of belief doesn’t make them any less real.” She snorted. “I’ve told you this a million times.”
Vampires existed. I had seen far too many fangs, too much blood, and a bunch of other freaky shite over my stay to not believe that this particular brand of fiction was actually cold, hard, un-bleedin’-believable fact, but I was one. Evident by the pinch in my gums or the stab of my canines against my tongue every time I smelled blood; evident by the fact that I no longer had a beating heart; no urge to breathe or eat, or even to go to the toilet. And as sexy as Hollywood made Vampires out to be.... the reality was a total turn-off.

Copyright © 2017, Cross My Heart, Blood Book: 1.5,  Elizabeth Morgan

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