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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Teaser Tuesday: Cross My Heart

Every Tuesday I will share a teaser from Work in Progress' only.
So it will be teasers from all unpublished manuscripts. Nothing from already published books.

This weeks teaser is taken from the next book in my Blood Series, Cross My Heart, Book 1.5

Please remember it is still a rough draft so there will be mistakes and details are subject to change.

~ * ~

The dream darkened; the images disintegrated to ash as something deep inside me stirred. That unusual, invisible tug I had quickly learnt was my new alarm clock; my body telling me that I now had to be awake and therefore without my consent it pulled me into the realm of semi-consciousness. The innocent dream lost in darkness. No, not a dream; I didn’t have the luxury of dreaming anymore. It was just a memory and one that kept replaying in my mind every time I closed my eyes. My subconscious telling me that I owed an old friend one big, fat, apology; an apology that would surely get me an ‘I told you so’ as a reply and that was presuming that I ever got to see her again.
It was the truth. Everything she ever told me... it’s all real.
The past seemed like a pleasant place to live, but then again anything was better than my current predicament, which was nothing short of a nightmare. A cold, dark, twisted nightmare.
“I told you to be careful what you wish for.”
Her voice was a soft and sweet whisper that I could feel dance across my skin; the usual taunting tone accompanying her words.
“Go away, Elle.”
“Make me.”
A lock clicked. Hinges whined as heavy, rusted metal scraped against concrete. Light briefly touched my face, only to be overtaken by an unfamiliar presence that filled my door frame. My eyeballs hurt behind my lids, but I didn’t bother opening my eyes and indulging in the mild curiosity that involuntary tickled the back of my mind. Truth be told I didn’t have the bloody energy to even try to look, then again, if I had learnt one thing during my time in purgatory it was that nothing ever good happened when you opened your eyes and that the things you did see weren’t always real.
A crinkle of plastic accompanied the odd squeak, and shuffle of clumsy feet. My visitor moved into the room allowing the overhead lighting from the outer corridor to slither into my cell. It wasn’t as good as daylight; nowhere near and yet being locked in the dark for such long periods of time had made my skin super sensitive. That horrid illumination was all I had; all I could use to delude myself into pretending that I was really lay on a rock hard stretcher in my back garden, and not some dank room in a strange facility in, god only knows where the hell I could be. The light was cold and pale; not like the warmth from the sun, but regardless, I could feel it on my skin; feel its energy in a way that I couldn’t before.
Iron clamped around my jaw breaking my momentary delusion. Not to mention the impact was so sudden my lids snapped open and my eyeballs practically bulged from their sockets. Jesus, talk about a wakeup call.
The left side of my friends faced remained in the shadows of the room, but the right... the light barely touched him; as if it was almost afraid to. His jaw was square and from the patch of skin that was illuminated he was as pale as every other Vampire I’d had the pleasure of meeting during my time here. His hair seemed dark and he looked to be wearing black; the meatier fellows all seemed to wear black, and have the roll of “the muscle” in this joint. Clearly they were prison guards, and one other thing I had learnt during my stay; these guards didn’t have patience, not that human bouncers or security guards rarely did, but then again humans couldn’t go around biting or beating the crap out of the people they were responsible for.
He raised his left hand and the red opaque silhouette of my feeding tube caught the corner of my eye; a droplet ready to fall from the slit. The scent of blood touched my nostrils... Jesus... how I hated that I knew that smell.
“I’m not thirsty.” The words didn’t quite make it past my lips; instead they remained locked between my throat and teeth, but my new friend seemed to understand; this was made obvious by the tick in the visible side of his neck. Not that he gave a shite, which he proved by digging his ice cold fingertips into my cheeks; pushing my flesh into my teeth so violently that I was sure they would have shattered, but being a compromising soul I obliged and opened my mouth. Although, I doubted anyone would class my mouth as being opened since my lips were vertical and the top lip was stuck in the opposite direction of the bottom. I no doubt looked like a fish mid breath.
More like a fish with a botched lip job, mid breath.”
I said go away, Elle. I slanted my gaze to the right corner of the room watching as the shadows solidified.
“And I said, make me.”
The tube was pushed between my teeth; the tip grazing along my tongue and pushed further, until it was stuck halfway down my gullet. Blood; cold and thick coated my throat; slithering into my system. My throat flexed; more from the slight discomfort then the need to drink or even to retch. Retching would be the right thing to do when someone force fed you blood, but since I woke up it was all I could eat, well, drink. Even though my mind was still plagued with disgust and the madness of the situation; a part of me had accepted the inevitable and ridiculous truth... I was a Vampire.

Copyright © 2017, Cross My Heart, Blood Book: 1.5,  Elizabeth Morgan

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