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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Tuesday Teaser: Let Me In

Every Tuesday I will share a teaser from Work in Progress' only.
So it will be teasers from all unpublished manuscripts. Nothing from already published books.

This weeks teaser continued on from last weeks, which you can read here.

Taken from a WIP that I keep hacking away at every now and again. The characters are active in my mind I just seem to be up against a wall with it at the moment. It currently stands at just over 10K and the working titles is, Let Me In. 

Please remember it is still a rough draft so there will be mistakes and details are subject to change.

~ * ~

My head bobbed in agreement. With one deep breath I forced myself forward. My legs shook as I made my way through the crowd; twisting, and weaving between the clusters of people. Butterflies danced in my stomach and my nerves were so frantic I could feel them fluttering beneath every inch of my skin.
Walking up the four steps that lead to the bar area, the crowd broke and I saw my sexy stranger leaning against the bar, his focus on the redhead beside him. My steps faltered as my gaze wandered down the woman’s physic. Toned, tanned, curves in all the right places and legs that went on for miles. Her lips were deep red and full, her hair was rich and vibrant and perfect. She was stunning. She oozed confidence and sex appeal, and here I was, uncomfortable in a slip of a dress with too much makeup on and my hair full of hairspray; broken-hearted and desperate for someone to save me.
What was I doing? This wasn’t me. I wasn’t that type or woman; sex as revenge, sex out of anger, sex as an answer for my misery. That wasn’t me, even if at moments like this I really wished I was able to let myself go.
Turning with the intention of heading back to the table, I stopped again. Paige would kill me if I walked back over there, or she would try and play matchmaker, which would just be humiliating, or worse, she just wouldn’t shut up about it, which meant there was only one thing left to do; leave.
Mind made up I took a step, and immediately regretted it as I fell forward. The dark club floor rose up to meet my forehead with a crack. Lights twinkled behind my eyelids and I was vaguely aware of someone calling my name, while others were busy asking me if I was all right.
I groaned, flattening my palms on the floor and pushing myself up. My knees and legs throbbed as I shifted into a kneeling position. I placed my hand on my head, hissing as pain splintered through my scalp. This night seriously couldn’t get any worse.
“Are you all right?”
I looked at the black clad legs that stopped beside me, and slowly lifted my head up to see the sexy stranger standing beside me. A hint of concern and confusion flittered across his face.
I was wrong, the night had just gotten as bad as it was going to get.
“Yeah, er-I just miscalculated a step.”
“Here, let me help you.” He placed the drinks in his hands on a nearby table, before offering me his hands.
“Thank you.” I accepted his hands and carefully stood up.
“Are you hurt anywhere?”
“I bumped my head and-“ I looked down at my legs, surprised to see that I hadn’t scraped them-“my knees are a little sore, but I’m fine. Really. Just a little embarrassed right now.”
His lips curved at the corner. “Nothing to be embarrassed about.”
“Easy for you to say. You didn’t just fall down some stairs in the middle of a crowded club.”
“True, but at least we will have something to laugh about later.”
A smile fluttered across my lips. “I guess. Thanks for your help.” I looked at the floor, grabbing my purse before someone else did. “But I better-“
“I thought you were having a drink with me.”
“Well, I was thinking about it and I don’t think it’s a good idea. Plus, I should probably go home after the fall, I bumped my head pretty hard.”
“Why don’t you think it is a good idea for us to have a drink?”
“I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, and-“
“That’s why we have a drink. So, we can get to know one another.”
“Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t do this.”
His lips twisted in to a panties soaking smile. “Do what?”
 God he was gorgeous.
“This.” I waved my hand between us. “Hook up with strangers. I don’t do that.”
He picked up one of the drinks from the table and held out a glass of white wine. “Maybe you should make an exception just this once.”
I accepted the glass only to place it back on the table. “Listen, I get that you have your hopes up for getting laid, but-”
Words died as he moved closer to me. His cologne tickled my nostrils making my mouth water. “Who has broken you?”
“Excuse me?”
“You are a beautiful woman with a body that could turn men into bumbling fools; slaves willing to do anything for you, and yet, fear hides in your eyes.” He cupped my face with his free hand; the touch more welcoming then I dared to admit. “Such sensual eyes.” He traced my bottom lip with the pad of his thumb. “So, who has broken you?”
His iris burned like liquid fire as he stared down at me; smooth amber with perfect golden flecks.
“My fiancĂ© left me six months before we were supposed to get married. He had been seeing someone behind my back. I–I'm kinda still getting over it, I guess.”
He slipped his fingers into my hair, gently coaxing my head back. “Your fiancĂ© is a fool.”
The breath hitched in my throat as his mouth closed over mine. The press of his lips was surprising; soft almost restrained and yet dizzying. The graceful tease of his tongue as he licked the seal of my lips caused my stomach to knot. My core tightened, and without thinking I clutched at his suit lapels and leaned in to him. Opening my mouth, I granted him access, loving the way his tongue danced with my own.
Fire consumed me, dancing along every one of my nerve endings. I felt as though I were being consumed, devoured. The unmistakable feel of need and want washed through me like a tidal wave and I wanted to break. I wanted to feel everything; every ounce of sadness and anger, fear and longing, I wanted to unleash it all on to this man who I didn’t even know.
The knowledge both frightened and excited me. I didn’t want to care anymore. I just wanted the pain to go away. I wanted to feel wanted.
He broke the kiss, and I took a sharp breath. My chest rose and fell as I stared up at him. My breasts felt heavy, and my body felt trapped within the idiotic dress that clung to me.
My gaze wandered over his face, finishing once more on his eyes; those hypnotic eyes. “I don’t even know your name.”

He slid his hand from my hair, cradling my chin in his hands. “Have a drink with me, Amelia. Let me love you for one night.”

Copyright © 2017, Let Me In,  Elizabeth Morgan

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