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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Tuesday Teaser: Cross My Heart

Every Tuesday I will share a teaser from Work in Progress' only.
So it will be teasers from all unpublished manuscripts. Nothing from already published books.

This weeks teaser is taken from the next book in my Blood Series, Cross My Heart, Book 1.5

It continues from the first Tuesday Teaser I posted 7 weeks ago, which you can read here.

Please remember it is still a rough draft so there will be mistakes and details are subject to change.

~ * ~

“How delightful.” The female Vampire slid up alongside my nursemaid; her hand landed on his arm and with that simple gesture he released my face and exited the room.
I opened my mouth wide stretching my aching jaw; only to regurgitate as the tube slid further down my throat. “Why am I here?”
“Surely you have been told that by now?”
“Apart from being told I’m a Vamp, which I kinda guessed since I have no heartbeat but now have fangs; Red and Skinny have done nothing but feed me blood and prod me with needles.” I gulped, swallowing more blood from the tube; wishing I could spit it out, but it was too far down my throat to even try. “If I’m one of you then why aren’t I frolicking around this place with you all? Why am I being kept locked up? I’m hardly dangerous.”
“That is obvious.” She moved closer. “But the reason you are in here is because you are not technically one of us.”
“So, I’m not a Vampire?”
“Jesus Than, you’re dead and yet you’re talking; of course you’re a bleedin’ Vampire.”
I could be a zombie.
“Please don’t tell me you’re crazy enough to believe zombies actually exist?”
What’s crazy about it? Vampires are a myth just like zombies, but guess what, there’s a freaking vampire stood right in front of me; so who knows what else might be out there? And wasn’t that a terrifying thought? Vampires might not be the only piece of fiction that actually walked the earth.
A throaty laugh escaped the female. “You are proof that our kind can be created differently... be used to evolve.”
“Well, I already gathered I was an experiment .”
“And a fairly cute one at that.” She plucked the tube from my lips and slid it from my throat. “And now the only one left living.”
I gulped, forcing the remaining blood in my mouth to vanish. “That would be depending on your definition of alive.”  
“Well, mobile then.” She brought the tube to her own lips. A disgusted grunt sounded at the back of her throat. “No wonder you are reluctant to drink. Stored blood is dreadful.”
 “Surprisingly, my reluctance to drink blood isn’t to do with my hosts limited selection and range.”
“No, it is because you are a new born who has yet to conquer your conscious, or at least that is what the good doctors notes say.” She slipped the tube between my lips and despite my so called conscious my teeth closed lightly over the plastic, holding the tube in place. “But you will lose that once you get to drink from the source.”
“I’m not sure I want to lose it.”
“Not when you’ve already lost your sanity.”
I glared in Elle’s direction. Have you got nothing better to do?
“You want me to go I will go. I’m only here because you want me here and you know that.”
The female stepped closer, her slender hand resting on my bare chest. “But you do want to feed from a human, si?” Her fingers wander up, dancing across my collarbone. “Sink your fangs into the soft flesh of a woman’s neck; pierce her delicate vein and feel that first, hot gush of blood fill your mouth?” She dragged her nails down my torso, her sharp nails slicing through my skin, which healed as quickly as it split. “To taste the essence of human life; the spark”-she slid her hand over my jean clad crotch, cupping my semi-“nothing can compare.”
“Oh gross.” Ellie retched.
“So I’ve heard.” I bit out around the tube. “Sadly, no human women come to visit me here. So-“
“It can be arranged, if you are a very good boy and tell me what I need to know.”
“Question; why are you even talking to her?”
Because despite being undead she’s actually here in this room with me, and talking to someone who is physically here once in a while, despite them being Vampires, is the only reason I haven’t completely lost my bleedin’ mind. Does that answer your question ghost of friendships past?
“Just ask her what it is she needs to know before this turns into an X rated movie and I spew ectoplasm everywhere.”
“And what is it you need to know?” I sucked a little harder on the tube, trying hard to concentrate on the rush of blood entering my body and not the fact that every drop was eager to head down south.

“What happened here?”

Copyright © 2017, Cross My Heart, Blood Book: 1.5,  Elizabeth Morgan

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