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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Tuesday Teaser: Charged

Every Tuesday I will share a teaser from Work in Progress' only.
So it will be teasers from all unpublished manuscripts. Nothing from already published books.

This weeks teaser continues from last weeks, which you can read here.

I started Charged in 2012 but as with my WIP Let Me In, I also hit a wall with this little superhero story titled. A lot of world building went into this, but for some reason my Muse wasn't getting along with the characters enough to want to continue with the story. It currently stands at 15k and I am determined to eventually completing it. Especially since I purchased the book cover back in 2012 also.

Please remember it is still a rough draft so there will be mistakes and details are subject to change. Plus after reading through it I already know I need to add a little more background detail here and there.

~ * ~
So it’s definitely a Gene-Breed?”
 I cut off the growl that was trapped at the base of my throat. “Unfortunately, yes. The way in which the body was . . . It would be a little difficult for a human to do that, even if they were packing a tone of fancy equipment.”
 He dragged his hand over his face. “All right, but that just leaves one small little detail; Chris’ hair and blood was found on the remains.”
 If Christopher had been near the boy when he had been killed, all anyone would have to do is pull some of his hair out and make him bleed. Do it over the body, and hey presto, framed.
 Well yeah, you want to set someone up you’re gonna have to plant a little something to connect them to the victim.”
 So you agree with Lynthia, you think he’s being set up?”
 I know he is, which means he’s gone and pissed someone off big time.”
 Killing him would make more sense, but someone obviously wanted to drag Christopher through the legal system, and they had gone to a crazy ass length to get it done.
 The parents made the call to state that their son was missing, right?”
 My brow furrowed. The name sounds familiar.”
 I’d imagine so; Senator Gibson and his wife have been running the last five terms. There hasn't been a day where they haven't been on the news updates for their campaign.”
 Clap. Flash. The rain beyond the mouth of the tunnel became heavier, each hit to the pavement like nails dropping against glass in my head. I growled. My fingers pressed firmly against my temples, rubbing in circles as I continued to pace; counting each step I took.
 "You shouldn’t be out.”
 I glared at him; teeth bore as I took deep ragged breaths. He lifted his hands and took a step back.
 Even though there was fog rolling around in my mind, Marcus’ last comment somehow seeped through. My steps faltered. “They’re the married couple fighting for equal rights for Gene-Breed’s?”
 They have been for the last couple of years.”
 I spun on my heels and looked at him; my excruciating headache momentarily forgotten. “And let me guess, it’s looking good for them, right?”
 Understanding flashed in his eyes.Extremely good.”
 Well, it was nice to know that the many civilians of Florida were more open minded than most of the states.
 I just stared at him; my hands held out before me as if I were offering him something. “Well that proves it, it’s a set-up. What better way to abolish the success of such an amendment than have the only child of the people doing it, murdered by one of the people they are fighting for?”
 Why not kill the senators?”
 I threw my hands in the air.I don't know, maybe it make more sense to destroy their campaign by hitting them where it really hurts.”
 A Gene-Breed murdering their son was sure to give them second thoughts about handing over equal rights.
 “Very possible.”
 “Screw very possible, Marcus. It makes total sense.”
 His brow creased; head tilting. “But what worries me now is if this is indeed a set-up, who’s behind it?”
 It wasn’t like there were a lot of possibilities to pick from. Either a Gene-Breed with some warped vendetta, or a homo-sapiens anti-Gene-Breed group who didn‘t believe in equal rights for enhanced humans. Neither would surprise me; there were plenty of people out there who weren’t going to except that change was on the horizon. We just needed a name.
 Well, isn’t it your job to figure that out, Detective?”
 Pulling at his sleeve, he stared at his watch. “I need to get back to the station and make some calls.”
 I would suggest setting up a meeting with the Gibson's.”
 First on my list—” a melodic bleeping cut him off. Digging in his pocket, Marcus pushed his hair behind his ear, and hit the piece of plastic lodged in there. “Green.” His back went rigid. His gaze landed on me. “Are you positive? Fairly, doesn’t cover it, Armstrong. Was Jackson there or not?” His jaw tensed. “Right, I'm on my way.”
 Well, it looked like the cat was out of the bag. What the hell was he playing at? Why hadn’t he come straight to me? It was damn typical of his arrogant ass to go parading around so all the boys in blue could get a good look at him.
 I took a deep breath. “Where is he?”
 “The Cube.”
 I walked passed Marcus, being careful to not fall in to him as another clap sounded above. A scream vibrated at the back of my throat as my vision blurred slightly. God damn storm!
 “Delaney, you’re in no condition.”
 Sucking in a breath, I turned and continued walking backward. My eyes locked with his. “If Lynn told you her past, it means she trusts you.”
 He nodded. “I realize that.”
 Don't you dare hurt her, and don’t you dare treat her like—”
 His expression twisted. “My opinion of Lynthia hasn’t changed.”
 Good, because I had a big feeling that shit was severely going to hit the fan, and if that was the case Marcus was going to have more than Lynthia’s past to deal with.
 Reaching up, I pulled my black mask in to place over my eyes. With a curt nod, I turned and set off running along the pavement. The sound of my heavy footfalls echoed around the tunnel; the beats falling in sync with the pulse thumping in my temples. The familiar slicing pain was beginning to spiral round my head, caging it. My breathing was ragged as I pushed myself to fight past the blistering heat burning in my chest. I willed my heartbeat to be stronger; for the hunk of fucked up junk in my chest to work better.

This was a bad idea for a number of reasons and I damn well knew it. Looking for Chris was a bad idea, because if I found him I didn’t know if I would have the energy to kick his ass without landing on my own.

Copyright © 2017, Charged,  Elizabeth Morgan

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