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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

RBTL Tours: Rare Blood by Susan Old

Title: Rare Blood
Author: Susan Old

Series: The Miranda Chronicles Book 1

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Publisher: Zairesue Books
Release Date: Mar 13 2018
Edition/Format: 1st Edition ~ Format eBook & Print


Miranda Ortega loves to surprise people who underestimate her...
...especially powerful, wealthy, brilliant vampire nobility.
Tristan Mordecai has no sense of personal boundaries.
Miranda feels control of her life slipping away as she is pulled into a nocturnal world of Lamborghini driving, Chanel wearing, egomaniac assassins with a strict liquid diet.
What's a young woman from the cornfields of Illinois to do?

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Everyone assembled in a semi-circle as Antoinella, dressed in a red satin dress exposing lots of cleavage, walked onto the rink. She looked like a glamorous actress from an old movie. Italian vampires had their own style. She was careful not to slip on the ice. It was a little cold. Sir Borgia stood beside her in a black suit with a red vest. His dark wavy hair hung down to his shoulders. His light brown eyes were focused on Antoinella’s chest like everyone else. Jasper brought out a chair for the young woman to sit in. The Magus signaled to begin. Lady Lily stood by to assist.
When Sir Borgia bit into her chest, I looked away for a moment. Antoinella bit her lip to suppress a scream then passed out. Sir Borgia drank deeply. I sensed the other vampires’ hunger. Lady Lily started a transfusion infused with Sir Borgia’s blood. Then he stood, slit his wrist with a tiny dagger and held it up to the barely conscious woman’s mouth. She began to drink. I noticed droplets of blood dripped down her chin onto the ice and started to feel light headed, then everything went black. The next thing I remembered was coming to as my husband carried me upstairs. I was in the safety of his arms again.
“What happened?” I asked as he laid me on his bed.
“You fainted but I caught you in time.”
Lady Lily appeared quite concerned. She had a blood pressure cuff and took my vitals, which I thought was a bit over the top. “Her vitals are fine,” she reported. “Still, I suggest resting for a little while. I’ll leave you alone.” She quickly left, closing the door behind her.
My husband lay next to me with his hand resting on my tummy. He looked at me with the same passionate concern he had displayed at the airport hotel. I was feeling aroused by his scent and touch. I recovered quickly. “Thanks.”
“You seem to have an aversion to the sight of blood. That’s unfortunate. You’ll have to work on that.”
“Maybe I should just stay away from undead social events,” I responded.
He put his fingers gently on my mouth and said, “Quiet.” The he kissed me as his hand slipped under my T-shirt. It did not take long and all our clothes seemed to disappear. He gently rubbed my clitoris till I moaned softly then he entered me with hard thrusts that made me cry out.
It is a fine line between love and hate and sometimes while having sex you experience both and do not care which it is.

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Author Information

SUSAN Grew Up in So Cal with hippies and surfers, wrote for her high school underground newspaper and played in a garage band. Her adventuresome spirit took her to Central Africa while serving in the Peace Corps.

Back in the states she worked in Mental Health/ Addictions for 30 years. Exposure to many cultures/ subcultures and unique thought processes made writing about vampires a supernatural next step.

When not writing about Miranda’s struggles with the vampire world, she volunteers at an animal shelter, and a Veteran’s museum.

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Twitter  @zairesue

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