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Friday, 28 May 2010


Eh. I feel I need to do something productive. We move in nine days and I may not have the internet for a while (passes out) don't know how I shall cope but I am sure I just will. Everything is pretty much packed. We have to start cancelling things and sorting other things etc. So in between that I have time to do anything I want. My books are all packed up :'( so I can't read any that are currently on my TBR pile but then I suppose that means I have time to read the ebooks I just purchase (naughty I know).

I'm itching to start one of my new projects but I have 2 lots of edits to do and deep down I know I need to concentrate on them first. (Sigh)

I've packed my folders so I can't do my assignments... mwahahahaa - As you can tell I am not that bothered about that lol

I suppose I could go crazy and put all my rubbish poems/verses on here, hmmm. They were all on my Myspace blog. It would mean a hell of a lot of blogs from today... but I am bored.... and I am sure you will forgive me... you will wont you?

I tell you what, I will make you a deal. I will only put ones I think are okay. That should lower it lol

Two in One

Tell me the tale of time itself
We don’t need anything else
Focus on me and I will on you
The two of us will make it through
Time will stand still for me and you
Two in one, one is two

In the rain I’ll walk
To you I’ll never talk
On the wall I’ll paint my pain
In the rain I’ll wash away

I want you

I want you… imprinted in my bones

I want you… the scent of you lingering on my skin
I want you… I want to take you in
I want you… your hands locked with mine
I want you… I want your eyes to penetrate me
I want you… All of you.
I want you.

I will give you hope

When you feel that hope is lost... And all is dark...
For you I will pick a star.
That will guide you through the darkness.... Loneliness and despair....
Guide you into the light... into beauty... I will give you hope.


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