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Friday, 28 May 2010

Mini Poems


I cant wait to taste you, to embrace you, to make every inch of you mine
And as we entwine, slowly taking our time...
Our sin will pour all over the floor
Our lust will explode as we slowly unfold

I love to taste you
I love to embrace you
I love the fact that you’re mine

I Love...

Do you love my eyes? my lips? my smile? my laugh? my voice?

I love to look into your eyes and get lost each time
I love watching your lips as you speak every word i find myself hypnotised
I love the fact that your smile greets me every day

The way your laughter makes everything go away
I love hearing your voice everytime we have been parted
But none of that matters because the thing I love most of all is the fact that I have you to love me.

I Cannot

I cannot watch your eye, as you begin to cry

I cannot wipe them dry, I cannot watch your eyes
I cannot watch your mouth, as your words come pouring out
I cant hear what you say to me, I cannot watch your mouth
I cannot take your hand, as our fingers intertwine
I dare not feel your touch, the pain is just too much
I cannot say its true, tell you I feel the same way too
I cannot say its true, I cant tell you… I love you.

Lay My Body Down

Lay my body down, down on to the ground

And I’ll no longer taunt you I will not make a sound
Lye me in the mess that’s made and in the rain I’ll wash away
Lay my body down, down on to the ground
You wont follow me I know, I promise I’ll let go
The problems will leave with me and you can live in peace
lay my body down, down onto the ground
you wont cry for me I know, you’ve already let me go
so lay my body down, down on to the ground

My World

There is a world inside my head

A twisted place id live in instead
A world where nothing makes much sense
A world where emotion is so dense
A world dripping with dark suspense
A life of dream and pure illusion
A life that is lacking in confusion
I love the world inside my head
Where I go when I feel dead
I visit my world as much as I can
Because when I am there I know who I am


Standing still, the sun shines down
Theres my shadow cast upon the ground
I sometimes get jealous when I look down and see
That my shadow is always further down the road then me

Never Come

I will hold my breathe and wait for you, for you are the dream of my heart so true
But you will never come i fear, although you say you love me dear
And so my body will grow numb because I know you will never come
So For the love I anticipate will sadly come to late…. I wait.


Let every look linger as you lace your fingers with my fingers
Feeling your breath on my cheek
With every touch I grow weak
Your lips roughly pressed against mine
Feeling your heart beating in sync with mine
Tell me what you want me to do
I would do anything to have you


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