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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Competition - You decide

Ive been thinking about this for a while and I want to do something to celebrate. This move is a really big deal, new phase, new chapter of life so I was thinking I could do something fun for y'all. A little competition. And you get to pick from one of the following:-

A. Suprise Prize - I go around my new area check on the shops and buy two interesting things (they have cool shops in the village) I will take pics of the things then you can enter the comp and the main prize I buy the winner any book they want from the book depository.


B. Sweet Prize - Just a simple comp. You leave me a message on my blog telling me the type of sweet you like and I pick two people and send them some goodies ; P and the main prize I buy the winner any book they want from the book depository.


C. A chapter from one of my stories. Some of you have show interest but this is your choice.

You can pick from:-

No. 1 Paranormal/Romance (Fallen angels.)

No 2. Contemp/Erotica (Rapunzel Remake.)

No. 3 Paranormal/Romance (Werewolves and vampires and slayers oh my!)

Just leave a comment below on which contest you would prefer (A. B. or C.) and I will set it up this evening depending on which comp has more votes. (And if its for the chapters, please pick a number ;P )

This wont be the last competitions I will be doing. I promise :D


  1. Number a, the surprise. I love surprise gifts from other countries. They're way better than birthdays and Christmas!

  2. I would like the surprise too. I will be trawling your blog etc too. xxx

  3. ooh either a surprise or a book. No sweets I'm 'attempting' a diet again!

  4. A surprise present sounds good to me! :)

  5. Well this is a no brainer for me...C: totally want a chapter from your book since i have been tortured with snippets and sigs. And #3 of course!!