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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Suprise Prize Competition

Okay the Suprise Prize comp won. So here is how it goes. I shall go into the cool shops in town and find two groovy things (I am a fan of trinkets - so it will be along those lines - so dont worry it will be a groovy suprise not a crappy one) The third prize is 2 win a book - and you get to choose which one you want, I will pay for it and get it shipped from book depo.

So all you have to do 2 be in with a chance to win is leave me a comment. Any type of comment, tell me a joke or about your day whatever you like.

Due to me moving (as you already know) the current deadline for the comp will be June 22nd (that is when I get the internet in my new house :D ) but if I am able to snag some internet from somewhere I will push the date forward. So better comment sooner rather than later.


  1. I haves a jokey-poo (OH btw, good luck with the move, let us know when alls good)
    There are two pasters and a priest in a boat in the middle of a lake.
    The first paster says "I'm thirsty" and walks across the water, gets a soda then goes back to the boat.
    The second paster says "I'm thirsty too" gets up, gets a soda and goes back.
    Well by now the preist is pretty thirsty. He says "I'm thirsty too" gets up and walks off the boat and immediately sinks.
    The first paster turned to the other paster and says "Maybe we should have told him where the stepping stones are."
    Sorry, corny joke and didn't make it myself, but figured I'd get the ball rolling. :D


  2. Hope the move went well Loz. Don't know any decent (read PC and non offensive) jokes I'm afraid!!

  3. All mine are too long and probably not very PC as well. Either that or they are all knock-knock jokes from the little ones :)

  4. Hey Loz, glad to read the move went well. Hope you get internet tomorrow as promised by your company... you know how they are with those deadlines...

    I'll have to doge around the joke as well, I always forget them. Sorry!!