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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Synopsis' - Inventions of the devil

I hate them. I hate them sooooo much and queries I hate them as well.

Writing a book, well, a story, is hard. Although there is enjoyment, there are a million tiny things to worry about and you have to have the mental energy to be persistent with it but I would rather write a thousand stories then have to write another synopsis again.

Synopsis have to be short. Have to stay on the main plot. Have to be interesting and have to have the consequences to all actions. They give the reader a quick play by play... And for some damn reason I just don't have the hang of them. My synopsis used to be 11 pages long : | Had to stop that from happening right away, which I have.

I have just finished writing the synopsis for my most recent book. Its 3 pages long and for some reason I cant get it any shorter than that. And I hate it. You see I have this thing in my head that either my queries are real crap or my synopsis' are and because they are it isn't helping anyone see the potential in my work.

(There is potential, I say this with no egotism, if an agent told me to re-write 3 quarters of the book I would do it because I simply have an agent and I want to write good stories that people will enjoy.)

Now although some agencies don’t want synopsis, most do. Synopsis are what help sell your work. So what is the secret of writing a good synopsis, does anyone know? I pay you in sweets if you know.

(Sigh) Excuse me, I have a synopsis to slice and dice.

P.S. How is your week going so far?

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