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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Universal Attraction

I believe in universal attraction. I believe that if you want something enough, and you think positive about it (and you dont sit on your ass waiting for it - you actually try to do something about it) I believe you will get it.

It is all about balance. They say what you put out you get back. Now to a degree it is annoying because, for example, I am an impatient person by nature, my patience is getting better with age but I still am. Now when you are waiting to hear news on something for a while you forget or you do remember but you choose not to think about it, but eventually you will think and then you will start wanting to hear and you get irritated and the impatients sets in. Now I have always been told that impatients is a negative thing and by sending it out it can delay the things you want. (Well crap really) How can I help being impatient? It comes and goes and I am trying my hardest to think positive and forget about it. Now even though that in a sense is a bite in the ass I have to admit I still believe in it, so now instead of getting frustrated at whatever, I get frustrated at myself for getting frustrated and not being patient enough. Oy.

But back on subject, universal attraction. Today I got an example of how it works.

Two weeks ago we were discussing the garden at our new place and I said "I really want wooden wind chimes." We have two sets of metal ones and they are pretty, but I prefer wooden ones the sound is a lot nicer. So I thought 'I will get some once we move since I want to buy things for the garden any way.' - Simple little though. Something small.

I was ebay the other day looking at blood stone jewellry, I found a few items I liked but I have no reason to buy them so I was just looking.

Today, a friend of mine came back off holiday. I told him we were moving and that I would meet him this afternoon so I could give him his belated birthday present. When I met him he handed me a bag and told me this was an early house warming gift. I open the bag and what do I find... a wooden wind chime. I laughed and told him he was a mind reader. It is cute wind chime it has lizards painted on them (I think he went to spain) and a little tikki hut top thing. Its well cool.

And as a present for me (he always brings me something back) I got some earings and a necklace, silver and... blood red stoned.

Universal Atraction baby. Gotta believe in it. Just need me an agent and I am a happy lady ; P

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  1. That's an awful lot of coincidences. :)

    About patience: I found it gets better with age. Sometimes.