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Monday, 28 June 2010

Tiredness, fluffy demons and new projects, oh my!

:O not blogged in almost a week. How naughty.

Must kill cats. Cats run around at 4am and wake everyone up. As soon as it is 10am and everyone is def awake, cats just drop where they stand and go to sleep. Evil cats. Fluffy demons. Grrrrr. They are brothers both 1, so still kittys in a sense but they are the size of lion cubs and they are house cats :| so when they are playing tag up and down the stairs.... the whole world can hear them. Love em, they are cute and funny but they drive me insane!

Very tired due to cats waking me early. Hate being tired. Edits almost done on paranormal romance novel. Last three chapters are getting done today. Need a better ending, something more explosive (mwahaha literally) ;P
Then synopsis and query must be written. Eh, I hate synopsis' and queries. For some reason we are just not friends.

Then I start new project (which is not the project i began planning for before we moved :S tis different project one that I had planned months ago because I had to write a chapter of it for a writing assignment.) But I feel this project is the one I need to do next.
The story idea came to me in a dream, channing tatum, was playing the leading man, I was the leading lady and annie lennox was my mum. It was an odd but fun dream lol and the genre is chick literature... new, unknown, shiny. Wish me luck.


  1. I found water guns are suitable punishment for early morning wake-ups. Of course that was when I stilllived at home and had the cat confined to a smaller space. Don't know if it will work when they are free roaming.

    Good luck with the edits....and yes we noticed the lack of posts :)

  2. Ah yes, the water gun I do have one but I always forgot to take it up stairs at night. I will have to remember so I can stumble into the hall like the living dead and squirt the little fluff balls.

    Thanks hun. I promise I shall not leave a blog gap that long again.

  3. Good luck with the new project!
    I'm very confused as I'm sure I commented on a few of your previous posts....

  4. Nope I dont think you did hun but how come you're confused?

  5. I'm sure I commented on at least 2 others but my comments are not there...

  6. :S how bizarre. If you have I have no idea why they haven't shown up. I moderate the comments but all that have come through have been published so I have no idea whats going on there hun

  7. Knowing me I wrote it and came off before it had registered!!